Sniffer canines provide hope in waning rescue efforts in Turkey

In the recent days, sniffer canines have been providing hope in waning rescue efforts in Turkey. After a devastating 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck the Elazig province of Turkey on the 23rd of January, rescue teams have been struggling to locate survivors amongst the ruins in a race against time. This is where the help of these well-trained canines of goodwill come in.

Sniffer canines, also known as search and rescue dogs, are trained to traverse the rubble and locate any humans that may be trapped in the debris. With a keen sense of smell, these canines specialize in disaster responses by following certain scents that can help them identify humans stuck beneath collapsed structures. This makes them the ideal medic in helping recovery teams rescue those buried in the debris without wasting precious time sifting through the numerous rubble piles.

A disaster relief team from the country of Ukraine has recently flown in along with special sniffer canines to aid in these efforts. After the successful and timely rescue of a 14-year-old child, survivors and rescue teams have expressed hope in the contributions of the search and rescue dogs in helping them in starting the recovery efforts. This is a welcome relief considering the conditions at the hit areas of the earthquake which are proving to be extremely challenging.

Apart from their assistance in rescue efforts, the presence and assistance of these canines are providing morale support to the affected and their families. These canines along with their infectious energy and enthusiasm can also bring a glimmer of hope to those in despair.

In conclusion, sniffer canines are proving to be invaluable in recuing survivors while providing morale support to those affected by the disaster. These canines of goodwill are at the forefront in aiding in the recovery efforts that are facing numerous roadblocks.

Peter Pan, a dog that is part of a USAID rescue crew in Turkey, scrambles over piles of debris, sniffing for the scent of any survivors stuck inside.

Days immediately after the Feb. 6 earthquake in Turkey and Syria, hopes of locating folks alive is waning. One U.S.-centered crew takes advantage of lookup-and-rescue canine to attempt to find men and women nonetheless trapped days right after the quake.

(Impression credit: Jason Beaubien/NPR)

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