Smoltek and YAGEO existing know-how for extremely-slim capacitors

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The Taiwanese-based company YAGEO has recently launched its latest technological innovation, a new type of capacitor which is remarkably thin and efficient. Developed in collaboration with Danish tech firm Smoltek, this pioneering capacitor is set to revolutionise the electronics industry.

This new technology is based on Smoltek’s patented nanostructured conductors. Known as carbon nanotube or CNT conductors, they are highly conductive and extremely thin. YAGEO have incorporated this technology into its new range of ultra-slim capacitors, capable of performing at an efficiency level five times higher than traditional capacitors.

These modern capacitors are poised to solve the problem of space constraints in smaller electronics designs. Factory automation and medical devices are expected to be among the first sectors to benefit from this technology. Their small size means that manufacturers of these devices can fit more components into a given space, while increasing the rate of their manufacturing processes and maximising their energy efficiency.

What really sets this innovation apart is its remarkable high performance. Its unique CNT conductor material is more than five times more conductive than traditional capacitor materials, such as metal, making it ideal for use in smaller, more complex technology. In addition, its ultra-thin, ultra-small size allows for the component to be quickly and easily integrated into miniature circuit boards. This reduces the risk of human error during installation and increases the reliability of the board in the long term.

Overall, this new capacitor technology is an exciting example of how two companies can collaborate to create an innovative new product which is set to revolutionise the industry. The long-term implications of this electrifying development will be far reaching, and it’s safe to say that modern electronics design will never be the same.

This push release is an English version of the formerly posted Swedish version, which has interpretive priority.

Smoltek Nanotech Keeping AB (“Smoltek”) announces that the group organization Smoltek Semi and its husband or wife YAGEO will present their joint collaboration for the commercialization of Smoltek’s technologies for extremely-thin capacitors at the intercontinental 3D-PEIM (3D Electric power Electronics Integration and Production) conference, which is structured by Florida Global College in Miami in early February.

Smoltek and YAGEO will existing the progress of their collaboration to produce and commercialize extremely-slender capacitors, based on Smoltek’s proprietary and patent-protected carbon nanofiber capacitor technology. The initial capacitor that the corporations intend to commercialize is a decoupling capacitor that, many thanks to its really lower profile, can be put nearer to the software processor in cell telephones and other superior units when compared to competing technologies.

“By taking part in this celebration with each other with our partner YAGEO, we increase the awareness of Smoltek’s revolutionizing nanotechnology platform and our future joint products spouse and children with ultra-slim capacitors”, stated Håkan Persson, CEO of Smoltek.

YAGEO is one particular of the world’s most significant makers of passive electronic factors, which also involves capacitors. The reason of the collaboration is to commercialize Smoltek’s know-how by integrating it into YAGEO’s merchandise circulation. This provides an ideal path to market place, such as a worldwide revenue community and at the very same time as the capacitor technological know-how is out there globally.

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