Skateboarder Mike O’Brien performs an ollie although lifting 315 pounds

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Skateboarder Mike O’Brien performs an ollie although lifting 315 pounds

Skateboarder Mike O’Brien Performs Outstanding Ollie with 315 Pound Pounds

Skateboarder Mike O’Brien lately won the net right after making a gorgeous ollie when lifting 315 pounds of excess weight. It was noted that the amazing feat was shared by Ben Gibson, skateboarder and Instagram influencer, on March 22.

The Feat

Mike O’Brien carried out the ollie even though selecting up weights of 315 lbs ., even even though the average pounds of a human skateboarder is only 145 lbs .. This try was 1st described on the 11th of March, but it was not till the 22nd of March that a video clip of the footage was shared in an Instagram put up. In an interview, Gibson reported that the movie was from 5 days prior, but thanks to a delay in delivery, it was not uploaded right until afterwards.

Affect of the Vide

The movie before long went viral attaining focus from skate boarders, athletes, and Online buyers alike. Several folks were being surprised by the talent and quickness of Mike’s moves. The stunt quickly sparked discussions about the physical abilities of skateboarding. Because the launch of the video, countless numbers of folks have viewed it, leaving opinions and opinions of encouragement. Moreover, other skate boarders have noted that they would not have been capable to pull off this kind of a complex trick, permit by yourself just one with extra excess weight.

Mike O’Brien’s Legacy

Mike O’Brien is no stranger to the entire world of intense athletics and skateboarding. From an early age, he was considered a gifted skater, and he has been part of a number of expert skateboarding teams in the previous. He also won various awards on a number of instances and has been featured in foremost journals and Television reveals.

O’Brien’s amazing ollie feat has not only received him a social media increase, but he has also develop into a role product to aspiring sportspeople. He has shown that it is achievable to carry out incredible feats, even if they are extremely difficult and challenge the boundaries of actual physical abilities. He is an inspiration to people who aspire to strengthen their expertise and go further than their latest limits.


Mike O’Brien’s ollie when lifting 315 pounds has grow to be a social media feeling, inspiring numerous. His legacy carries on to encourage men and women of all ages, demonstrating that it is doable to reach extraordinary feats, even when the odds seem to be stacked against you.