Sherlock Holmes Coat. A Contemporary Retro Piece For Your Wardrobe.

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Do you remember those times when we used to read mystery crime books and act like them? That was indeed a golden time when we read books. Time has changed, and many things took revolutionary change. Movies replace books. Some book-based movies are flopping because readers can’t find connectivity between film and actual books. Some become great hits. The same goes for the famous mystery crime drama “Sherlock Holmes.” Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He created this fictional consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes, in 1887. Till now, Sherlock has a special place in our hearts. Sherlock is known for his efficiency in solving mystery cases smartly. Indeed, Sherlock Holmes is a landmark in crime fiction. 

Benedict Cumberbatch plays the Sherlock Holmes role very well. His acting skills were tremendous throughout the show. His focus on his character is remarkable. The drama “Sherlock” aired from 2010 to 2017. The drama did pure justice to the story plot. Everything was top-notch, from cinematography to fashion to character selection and twists and turns. 

Talking about Sherlock’s fashion is complete with mentioning the famous Sherlock Holmes Coat. This favorite coat is made of top-quality woolen fabric. That coat will keep you warm and chic in winter. It has three button closures with a shirt-style wide collar. That will give you a bright, vintage look. Indeed, black color is the specialty of the coat. Thus, Halloween is near and means fun, parties, and cosplays. And when discussing cosplay, why not try something different this time? A Sherlock cosplay.

Sherlock cosplays for Halloween:

Halloween is the most fun time if everywhere anyone can dress whatever he wants to be. Here, you can opt for this sherlock holmes coat for your perfect halloween look. Thus, anyone who wishes to cosplay effortlessly at a halloween party can style this coat and want to stay chic. 

In short, for an accurate Sherlock Holmes look, you must style this coat, a grey inner shirt, and formal pants. Also, you can accessorize this with a woolen scarf around your neck. And you can pair your Oxford shoes with it. Lastly, curl your hair like Sherlock Holmes, and you are ready to slay at Halloween.

Styling other than Halloween:

You should consider investing in a cosplay for a maximum of one or two times. But I can tell you different styling ideas so you can utilize your purchased pieces as often as you like without regretting your purchase. Here they are:

  • Styling for curvy bodies:

 Long coats are ideal for men if they are not corpulent. This coat will give you a sleek look. All you have to do is to style it properly. Also, pair your coat with a t-shirt or formal shirt, and try to maintain your look minimal and clean. Indeed, this well-fitted coat makes you look more sophisticated. Do not go for baggy coats if you have a stout body type. 

  • Styling for middle-aged men:

  What if you are a middle-aged man or you cross your 40s? Thus, you can still stay in the fashion parade. Just pair your black wool coat with a black shirt and black pants. Also, add black formal shoes and a leather glove pair. Gel your hair. Also, add a classic pair of sunglasses. You are ready to steal hearts. 

  • Style your coat with a Turtle neck:

Undoubtedly, turtle neck with long coats is a style to die for. You can style your long coat with a dark turtle neck and sleek hairstyle. Also, you can pair a silver or gold chain with it and are ready to slay the French vintage vibes. 

  • Style it with a hoodie:

Over time, styling techniques have changed alot. The young generation nowadays plays a lot with their routine casual styles. If you are a genz and want to rock your long wool coat, you can pair it with the hoodie. Thus, you can pair this long coat with a grey hoodie. Also, you can add accessories like silver chains or bracelets. Furthermore, you can trench your beene with a peecap.

  • Ditch chinos with stripped pants:

Of course, you can play with your style, and let’s replace your monochrome chinos and formal pants with striped ones. Style your long coat with them. Also, you can pair it with a turtle neck or formal button-up shirt. In addition, pair it with black proper shoes. Lastly, enjoy your day in a modern way.


  • Addition With Office Attire:

  You can add this long coat to your office attire. Indeed, it can be boring if you wear formal all the year. Adding a style hint to your daily wear can be relaxing. Thus, you can add this long, cozy coat to your three-piece suit. That will help you to stay warm throughout the day. Also, it will help you to look more stylish.

  • Ripped Jeans And Coat?

Indeed, you read it right. You can style your long coat with ripped jeans, too. Just pair your coat with ripped blue jeans. In addition, pair it with a basic black or white t-shirt. In short, you are ready to do your daily chores or hang out with friends. That is the casual yet voguish look for daily routine.

  • Layer It All Around:

 Thus, you can use this coat in many ways. Pair this coat with a tucked-in turtle-neck shirt for a formal party or office look. Also, you can layer your attire by adding a short coat. Layers will excite your style game beyond. 


Indeed, long coats epitomize style and grace in every era. Thus, their durability and quality make them more memorable. So that you can elegantly style this coat, all the above ideas will help you decide about this vintage sherlock holmes coat. To this end, you just need to take a proper style guide.