Scholar Minds Blog : Letter to Boyfriend

The author of Scholar Minds recently penned a heartfelt letter to her boyfriend which was shared in their blog. In her letter, she expressed her unequivocal affection for her boyfriend, and provided reassurance that despite the miles between them, their bond remains strong.

The letter begins with the author expressing her joy at remembering the day when she first saw her boyfriend and how it felt like a precious gift, with her soul feeling like “butterflies fluttering in the breeze”. She highlights that, even when her spirits occasionally take a downturn, his mere presence can lift her mood and make her feel special.

The author expresses insight into her partner, noting that he is “authentic, intuitive and compassionate”, and that these qualities not only enrich her life but also their relationship. She reassures him that despite the distance between them, their bond will last, because both of them have “much love” and “so many shared stories and confidences”.

The letter ends with the author expressing her positive outlook on life and how she feels that they have found something special through the bond that they share. She also expresses her belief that, given time and understanding, her relationship with him can only grow stronger.

The heartwarming letter shared by the Scholar Minds blog is a testament to the power of love and the importance of emotional connection in a relationship. By emphasising that despite the miles between them, the authors’ bond is resilient, it sends a powerful message of unconditional commitment and support. It is a powerful reminder of the capacity of love to overcome even great distances. [ad_1]

Influenced by Emily Berry’s ‘Letter to Husband’


Pricey boyfriend            Dearest, substantially-loved boyfriend          Adored,

treasured, part-perfect boyfriend        About-the-display,

once-a-month boyfriend         Unbelievable desire I consider too difficult

to grasp           Dear boyfriend often missed           boyfriend’s sweater constantly

worn                away for one month, following it will be two         Dear boyfriend

make sure you reply                 On some hidden nights           There are nights solitude drowns and

drowning in moonlight like a                         desperate, greedy thing

I want              and want more            This body will never ever be

Dear Tinder                 Dear random white men at the bar     Dear

God, you should believe                 I love               you, I               do


Dear                Dear beloved               loving is a hard factor

Like happiness            I didn’t                        I do not know, no one ever instructed me

what to do       I am losing      I simply cannot eliminate you


Dear, dear boyfriend               Dear lover, pricey my always                Pricey gentleness

too unselfish for your very own good                     Dear hazes of crying and blind mobile phone calls

Thank you for allowing me        Never again                 I’m not the just one

who should be crying             Dear open up wound        pink like the pasta you make

Dear boyfriend, I am in therapy                     Dear boyfriend, I am finding improved

at creating your favorite cheese cake                        only a bit burnt, tender as me

Pricey heat pumpkin-spiced-latte not too long ago-slice hair                Expensive bruised knuckles

and sweaty hands        Pricey hole-toothed smile          Pricey elevated brow and that

wink                Pricey fantastic grounding weight              Dear murmuring rest and relaxation

of my life boyfriend                Pricey delayed trains and distance I am

conquering to uncover you again             Dear boyfriend, I like you     I do

Artemis Lam is a third-yr English Literature scholar at Durham University. She is an advocate for open and trustworthy conversations on mental health and fitness, as well as a literary illustration of these kinds of activities. When she is not studying or writing poetry, she can generally be observed in the gym or indulging in her mildly worrying dependancy to coffee.


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