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Schibsted, one of Europe’s largest publishers, is looking towards EU tech regulations to resolve the conflict between Apple and its app store policies.

The issue stems from Apple’s ability to block publisher apps from its app store if they don’t conform to Apple’s rules, including a 30 percent commission on sales. Schibsted, a major Norwegian media group and publisher, has expressed concern with Apple’s policies and has called on EU tech regulations to help protect their interests.

The publisher has four large companies in the EU, including Norway, Sweden, Spain and France, which runs several websites and newspapers across the continent. CEO Rolv Erik Ryssdal expressed his view on the company’s website, stating: “Apple’s monopoly power has grown too large for us to ignore, and our customers should not be subjected to unfair terms. We must stand together with other media professionals and seek legal protection from the EU to guarantee fair access to their markets.”

Schibsted has joined forces with other publishers such as the European Publishers Council and News Media Europe to push for a fair and equal digital marketplace. They have argued that the EU must take action to protect the interests of publishers in the digital era.

The group has asked the EU to look into infringement of antitrust and competition laws, as well as restrictions of trade and freedom of expression. In addition, they have asked the EU to look into the issues of data and transparency.

Schibsted hopes that the EU can help to ensure that publishers have the same access to the digital economy as other companies, by preventing abuses of power. Ryssdal has expressed his belief that Apple’s policies will not necessarily benefit all publishers, and the group is relying on the European Union to take the necessary steps to resolve the issue.

Time will tell whether the EU will take action and whether it will benefit publishers. In the meantime, Schibsted and its counterparts will be monitoring the discussions closely.

Schibsted, Publishers Glance to EU Tech Procedures to Resolve Apple …  U.S. Information & Earth Report

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