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Recently, law enforcement in the Greater Toledo area have noticed a surge in fake parking tickets being handed out by fake, uniformed parking attendants. In a warning issued to residents and visitors, police urge them to take extra precautions to make sure that any parking tickets they may receive are legitimate.

The fraudulent tickets have been found everywhere in the area, including in and around 1330 WFIN, where many locals park their cars. These tickets are usually handed out to unsuspecting drivers, who rarely, if ever, question the authenticity of the tickets.

However, it is important to be vigilant in verifying the source when anyone claiming to be a police or law enforcement officer attempts to issue you a ticket. All legitimate parking tickets issued in the area should come from uniformed personnel from the Department of Transportation, or from the local police force.

If you receive a parking ticket in the area, always ask to see the officer’s badge. Make sure that the badge properly identifies the officer as being a legitimate member of the police or DOT. Also, look for printed material with a local logo, such as a seal or sticker. This is a sign that the ticket is legitimate.

In addition, be wary of parking tickets that seem to have unusually high fines associated with them. This can be a potential sign of a fake ticket. Additionally, some fraudulent tickets may contain misspellings or grammar mistakes.

If you suspect that you have received a fake ticket, it is important to contact the local police department or the DOT as soon as possible. By alerting the relevant law enforcement agencies, residents and visitors can help to reduce the distribution of fraudulent tickets in the area and help in preserving safety for everyone.

Scam Inform: That parking ticket may possibly not be serious  1330 WFIN

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