Right here Are 12 Health Podcasts Truly worth Listening To

Podcasts are a great way to pass the time, but did you know they can also benefit your health? With the vast array of topics available, there are plenty of health-related podcasts that can help you stay informed, motivated and inspired to live a healthier life. Here are 12 health podcasts worth listening to.

1.Smart Active Life: If you’re looking for an inspirational podcast that focuses on self-care and health, Smart Active Life is the perfect choice. Tune in to hear expert advice and interviews with inspiring people, giving listeners the tools they need to live their best, most active lives.

2.The Doctor’s Farmacy: Hosted by Dr. Mark Hyman, this podcast sheds light on important topics in health, nutrition and wellness. Hear engaging conversations and inspiring stories on how to make small lifestyle changes that can have profound impacts on your wellbeing.

3.Nutrition Matters Podcast: Led by trusted nutritionist and dietician Sharon Richards, this podcast dives deep into the importance of having a healthy, balanced diet. Listeners can gain useful insights and nutrition tips, as well as get informed about food-related controversies and health myths.

4.The Model Health Show: Broadcasting a mixture of topical tips, inspiring stories and expert interviews, The Model Health Show is a great source of health and nutrition advice. Hosted by Shawn Stevenson, the aim of the podcast is to inspire listeners to lead healthier, more vibrant lives.

5.The Heart: Host Dr. James Beckerman talks all things heart health in this podcast by the American Heart Association. Listeners will not only get the latest information about heart disease and its prevention, but also hear inspiring stories from individuals who have made remarkable progress in their health.

6.Mindful in Minutes: Focusing on mindfulness and emotional wellbeing, this podcast by psychotherapist and meditation teacher. Kim D’Eramo offers bite-sized episodes that you can listen to in just a few minutes. You’re sure to come away feeling relaxed, balanced and ready to take on the day.

7.The Brain Food Show: Hosted by neurologist and functional medicine expert Dr. Drew Sinatra, this podcast is packed with useful tips and advice that help listeners navigate their way to better health and wellbeing. Covering health topics ranging from diet and nutrition to sleep, exercise and mindfulness, this podcast is a must-listen.

8.The Move To Heal: If you’re looking to get more active and appreciate the healing power of movement, this is the podcast for you. Hosts Rick Cleminson and Joanna Taylor teach listeners how to use physical activity as a way to heal and prevent disease.

9.Eat Your Way to Wellness: Host Zoe Nicholson dives deep into the natural health benefits of plant-based eating in this podcast. Listeners can learn the basics of nutrition and the science behind it, with useful guidelines on how to create a healthy, balanced diet.

10.Sleep With Me: If you have trouble falling asleep, this podcast is the perfect solution. Hosted by Deans Meadows, each episode features a unique blend of storytelling, dream-like visuals and gentle banter that helps lull listeners into a peaceful sleep.

11.The Yoga Talks Podcast: This podcast brings together some of the best yoga instructors, leaders and experts to talk about the power of yoga. They discuss case studies, the science of yoga and its healing benefits, so if you’re interested in the practice this is the podcast for you.

12.Yoga Download: Led by yoga expert Deb Flashenberg, this podcast dives deep into the nuances of yoga, Ayurveda and meditation. With a focus on both physical and spiritual wellbeing, you’re sure to get a better understanding of the practice and how it can benefit your health.

These 12 health podcasts are all great sources of information and motivation for anyone looking to lead a healthier life. Tune in to learn the latest health news, get expert tips and advice, and hear interesting stories from inspiring individuals. [ad_1]

Nora McInerny, an author and self-explained “reluctant grief specialist,” treats listeners to refreshingly sincere discussions about how individuals are truly executing. She interviews men and women who have endured transformative events, like the loss of life of a liked one, as nicely as industry experts these as Susan David, a psychologist who assails the tyranny of “toxic positivity.”

Starter episodes: “A Existence Interrupted with Suleika Jaouad” is a candid discussion with the creator of “Between Two Kingdoms,” a memoir about cancer survival and the return to a “normal” existence. In “Army Wife,” McInerny speaks with a armed service husband or wife whose partner died by suicide.

Peace settles above me when I listen to Tara Brach, a psychologist, meditation teacher and author of “Radical Acceptance.” All through each episode, she shares a guided meditation — with tempting titles like “Opening to Comprehensive Aliveness” and “Befriending Your Internal Life” — and an incisive communicate on how to hook up mindfully with some others and on your own.

Starter Episodes: Trusting the Gold — Acknowledging Our Standard Goodness” includes an physical exercise that allows you access your compassion for 1 man or woman, ultimately increasing it outward. “Navigating Conflict with a Smart Heart — Element 1” is a guidebook to speaking deliberately when matters get heated.

This podcast offers an irresistible title and focuses on your “digestive and surgical overall health from conclusion to end.” The host, Dr. Scott Steele, who is the chairman of colorectal medical procedures at the Cleveland Clinic, chats effortlessly with a assortment of experts about some of our most intimate features.

Starter Episodes:Constipation and Other Prevalent GI Challenges in Little ones” and “Diet plan and Life style Adjustments to Handle Erectile Dysfunction” deliver uncomplicated suggestions and actionable recommendations that really do not sense daunting.

Menopause is not just about hormone alternative and sizzling flashes it’s a actual physical, cultural and political expertise. Omisade Burney-Scott, host of this remarkable podcast, generates a heat place for Black women to share their stories and to explore problems this kind of as intimacy, vulnerability, race and shifting identification. Research demonstrates that Black women of all ages knowledge menopause otherwise I pay attention to study.


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