Reva International: Your Premier Partner for Quality Ready Mix Concrete and Related Services in Dubai

Reva International: Your Premier Partner for Quality Ready Mix Concrete and Related Services in Dubai

Dubai’s skyline, a symbol of architectural marvels, continues to rise higher and higher. Behind these towering structures lies the foundation of success: quality concrete. Reva International, based in Dubai, is your trusted partner for all things concrete. They offer a comprehensive range of services, including ready mix concrete, concrete curing, and a variety of performance-enhancing additives and admixtures. Let’s delve into the world of Reva International and discover how they contribute to Dubai’s ever-evolving construction landscape.

Ready Mix Concrete

Ready mix concrete is the backbone of construction in Dubai, and Reva International stands at the forefront of delivering top-notch ready mix concrete to meet the industry’s demands. Their commitment to quality and innovation ensures that their ready mix concrete is suitable for various applications, from residential buildings to grand skyscrapers.

Concrete Curing

Proper curing is essential for the longevity and strength of concrete structures. Reva International offers concrete curing solutions, ensuring that your construction projects benefit from optimal moisture retention and temperature control during the critical early stages of curing.

Bond Breaker

A bond breaker is crucial for preventing adhesion between concrete surfaces. Reva International provides bond breakers that facilitate easy demolding of precast concrete elements and enhance overall construction efficiency.

Membrane Cured Concrete

For specialized applications requiring waterproofing and protection against aggressive chemicals, Reva International offers membrane cured concrete solutions. These membranes form a protective barrier, extending the life of your concrete structures.

Curing Agent for Concrete

Reva International’s curing agents improve the durability and appearance of concrete by reducing surface cracking and ensuring a uniform finish. They are a vital component in achieving a flawless concrete surface.

Performance Enhancing Admixture

Achieving superior concrete performance often requires the incorporation of admixtures. Reva International offers a wide range of performance-enhancing admixtures designed to optimize concrete strength, workability, and durability, even in challenging conditions.

Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Fiber reinforced concrete is gaining popularity for its enhanced toughness and crack resistance. Reva International provides fiber reinforcement options that strengthen your concrete structures while reducing the risk of structural failures.

Manufactured Concrete Products

Reva International also offers a selection of manufactured concrete products, ensuring you have access to high-quality precast elements for various construction needs. These products are manufactured to precision, saving time and labor on-site.

MasterGlenium, MasterRoc, MasterPozzolith, MasterKure, and MasterFinish

Reva International proudly offers a range of specialized concrete additives and products under renowned brands like MasterGlenium, MasterRoc, MasterPozzolith, MasterKure, and MasterFinish. These products are engineered to meet the industry’s evolving requirements, making them indispensable for achieving exceptional concrete quality.


Reva International is more than just a concrete supplier; it’s a partner in your construction success story. Their commitment to delivering top-quality ready mix concrete and related services in Dubai sets them apart in a competitive market. With a focus on innovation, durability, and efficiency, Reva International continues to contribute to Dubai’s ever-expanding skyline, helping builders and developers create structures that stand the test of time. Whether you need ready mix concrete, curing solutions, or specialized additives, Reva International is your go-to choice for all your concrete needs in Dubai.