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A recent study published in the journal Nature Communications has found that using reduced-dose aspirin may improve ovarian cancer survival. The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Toronto, found that women with advanced-stage ovarian cancer who took low-dose aspirin experienced a 15.7% increase in survival compared to those who did not take the drug.

The study, which was based on analysis of over 2,100 women with ovarian cancer, found that those who took 75 mg of aspirin or less per day had improved overall survival and progression-free survival, compared to those who didn’t take the drug. The researchers also found that low-dose aspirin users had significantly lower levels of inflammation markers in their blood, a possible explanation for the improved survival.

This is not the first study to suggest that low-dose aspirin may benefit people with cancer. Other research has suggested that aspirin use may lower the risk of developing some types of cancer, and may help prevent the spread of cancer cells in some people who already have the disease. However, the authors caution that more research is needed before any recommendations about aspirin use for ovarian cancer can be made.

Aspirin is generally considered to be a safe drug, but it can cause potential side effects such as gastrointestinal bleeding and allergic reactions. Therefore, it is important to discuss the risks and benefits with a doctor before taking aspirin.

Despite the promising results, the authors of the study are careful to point out that further research is necessary before drawing any conclusions. This includes identifying which patients may particularly benefit from taking low-dose aspirin, as well as understanding how the drug works.

Overall, this research is an exciting development that suggests low-dose aspirin may help improve survival in people with ovarian cancer. However, more studies need to be conducted before any further conclusions can be made.

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