Real Estate App Development: Cost & Key Features

Real Estate App Development: Cost & Key Features

Real Estate App Development: Cost and Key Features

The demand for a trusted and experienced real estate app development company has increased over the last few years. As the real estate industry grows, more investors are looking towards technology-driven real estate app development services. Several businesses and startups, such as Zillow, Redfin,, Trulia,, and the Keller Williams Mobile App, have brought the real estate business to new heights. Their modern real estate app services have attracted a large base of audiences worldwide, and this is only going to increase. Before choosing real estate app development solutions, understand your industry niche for a considerable time.

Types of Real Estate Apps

Property Buy and Sell Apps

It works as a marketplace for real estate agents and customers. Real estate agents and customers can register themselves on the platform and buy, sell, or rent the property. The in-app features enable them to look at the property, converse, and finalize deals.

Dedicated Real Estate Apps

This dedicated real estate application works as the company app. Real estate companies can list their properties, add details, and invite customers to purchase or rent. Customers can also look at the property, its price, and other related information in a few clicks.

Indoor Navigation Real Estate Apps

It is one of the most advanced real estate applications available for customers to acknowledge the property and for real estate agents to promote their services. The in-app features and sensors enable users to take virtual tours from the comfort of their homes.

IoT-based Smart App

In the 21st century, the smart home concept is gaining popularity. Several real estate app companies have been building IoT-based smart homes. It has increased the demand for a trusted real estate app development company.

AR/VR Real Estate Apps

The quality of real estate app development services has been improving with the days passing. AR/VR-powered real estate app development solutions are one such thing in the real estate industry. People can also decorate their homes using such real estate applications.

Features of A Real Estate Application

Social Sign Up

Social sign-up using Facebook, Gmail, or a mobile number helps real estate agents and customers to register themselves on the app platform. The real estate app development company must include two-step verification and other authentication software to make the app robust and highly secure. Ensure the signup or registration process must be convenient and easy to understand by all age groups.

Behavior Tracking

The advanced real estate app development solutions include software for businesses to use to understand their customers. To build a successful real estate app, you must understand your customers, their needs, market trends, industry insights, competitors, etc. The in-app features can help your real estate business achieve that without hassle.

3D View of Property

Getting a 3D view of the property from the comfort of the home can increase online sales. By incorporating this feature in the application, a real estate app development company can improve user engagement, provide a high user experience, and attract more customers worldwide. Users also get a proper view of their preferred property without ever visiting once.

Listing Services

This essential real estate feature assists customers in understanding their preferred properties in the real estate application. The listing feature in the real estate application consists of details about available properties in the market, prices, architecture, location, bidding rate, quality, and more.

Geolocation Tracking

Geolocation tracking is one of the crucial features the real estate app development solutions provide. Customers can search the real estate properties in their desired locations, contact available agents, track property owners, and more. The geolocation tracking feature also includes the facility and geographical attributes surrounding the property.

EMI Calculator

Not every customer has the facility and time to calculate EMI every time they visit the property. The in-app mortgage EMI calculator can help people calculate the EMI according to their budget range. Users can also instantly know the loan they would pay after buying the property.

Analysis and Reports

Detailed analytical reports are crucial for running a successful real estate business. Every real estate app development company must include it in its feature list while developing real estate app development services. Real estate app companies can learn about competitors, customer behavior, sales reports, market trends, etc.

CRM Integration

Customer Relation Management (CRM) is essential to improve customer engagement and experience. The better the service is, the more customers will come to the platform. Choose efficient and customer-centric real estate app development solutions. It will help you interact with customers. Also, social media promotions help companies reach more target audiences.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are great ways to promote real estate services to a large audience. Newsletters, text messages, WhatsApp notifications, and in-app notifications are a few ways marketing teams use. The real estate app development services must include reliable third-party softwares for marketing teams.

Cost to Develop A Real Estate App

Now, you wonder how much it costs to develop a real estate application that consists of such advanced features and security softwares. How would it fit your budget? The real estate app complexity, compatibility, and time taken to develop the feature-rich application also play a crucial role in altering the overall cost.

The significant factors that make the real estate app development solutions expensive or cost-effective are the location of the real estate app development company, the real estate app development services you have chosen, the business model, the number of features, and the experience of the company & developers.

Generally, if you choose a real estate app development company from developing countries like India, it costs between USD 20,000 and USD 30,000. The budget range can vary from company to company. The budget range will be high if you hire a real estate app development company from a developed country.

Startups with a strict budget should opt for Indian real estate app development solutions and build their dream project. You get similar quality and an exceptional feature-enriched real estate application. In addition, the companies also offer post-launch maintenance and tech support services.


Indeed, the real estate industry is ready for technology-driven real estate applications. New technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Cloud Computing, etc., are paving the way for robust real estate app development solutions. Cost-effective solutions, new softwares, on-time delivery, and maintenance services are critical parameters to choosing a reliable real estate app development company. 

Hire real estate developers from trusted service providers and transform your dreams into reality. With the help of an excellent real estate application, startups can strengthen their brand image and realize their brand visions. As the competition in the real estate industry becomes intense, it is the right time to build a dedicated app for your business.