Qonspiracy lover Marjorie Taylor Greene states AOC “operates her mouth like a teenage female”

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Qonspiracy lover Marjorie Taylor Greene states AOC “operates her mouth like a teenage female”

Marjorie Taylor Greene sparks outrage with sexist comment towards AOC

Marjorie Taylor Greene, congresswoman and recognized Qonspiracy lover, not too long ago sparked an uproar soon after a sexist remark she built about fellow congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC).

Through an visual appeal on the “War Home Pandemic” podcast, Greene stated that AOC “runs her mouth like a teenage female.” Greene’s remark was immediately achieved with powerful backlash from Democratic users of Congress and other popular users of the community accusing her of utilizing sexist language to belittle AOC.

Response to Greene’s Remarks

The reaction to Greene’s comments was swift and passionate. Several Democratic lawmakers, such as Dwelling Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have voiced their outrage over the remarks. Pelosi identified as Greene’s remark “unacceptable,” and mentioned that it “contradicts and cheapens the large operate ladies have accomplished in this Congress and through our background.”

Other prominent associates of the community this sort of as actor Mark Ruffalo, actresses Alyssa Milano and Olivia Munn, and singer/songwriter John Legend all condemned Greene’s feedback and known as for greater respect among members of Congress.

Why Greene’s Responses are Specially Troblesome

Greene’s feedback are particularly troublesome given her particular beliefs and the harmful implications they have. Greene is an outspoken supporter of Qonspiracy, which is a suitable-wing conspiracy idea that claims that Democrats and other liberal figures are element of a secret cabal trying to find to undermine President Trump. This extraordinary viewpoint has been broadly condemned for its hazardous implications and for normalizing despise, bigotry, and violence.

Furthermore, attacking AOC with such sexist language only exacerbates the existence of gender inequality in politics. For too extended, women in politics have experienced to endure sexist feedback and behavior from their male counterparts that would not be tolerated in any other place of work. Greene’s responses, then, are a reminder of this gender bias and the importance of standing in opposition to it.


General, Marjorie Taylor Greene’s remarks about AOC were being inappropriate, sexist, and unacceptable. It is necessary that anyone condemn these assaults against gals in politics and stand against gender inequalities that nonetheless persist in our society.