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Marie Sue Phenomena (aka MSP) is an organization dedicated to helping young people become more self-aware and mindful, while teaching them ways to manage emotions and develop better coping skills.

Founded by a group of clinicians and psychologists, they believe that young people’s mental health and well-being are closely connected and making an impact in both areas is crucial to their development — especially in response to the teen suicide rate.

The goal of MSP is to bridge the gap between mental health professionals and young people in need through the use of their interactive web site. Here, young people are able to learn about mental health and the science behind it, take quizzes to identify their coping styles, and access a network of resources to get the help they need.

The main focus of MSP’s web site is on teaching young people about mindfulness, or the practice of becoming aware of one’s emotions and reactions to situations in the present moment. This is beneficial for young people because it allows them to better regulate their reactions and gain an understanding of their own mental health, as well as that of others.

MSP also provides tools such as videos and worksheets to help young people recognize and challenge their thoughts. Through this, they are able to identify their thoughts, feelings and behaviors in order to gain insight and make better decisions.

Additionally, MSP recommends the use of breathing exercises, practice relaxation techniques and other activities designed to help regulate emotions. Through these resources, young people can learn to calm themselves, balance their thoughts and develop strategies to cope with difficult situations.

Overall, Marie Sue Phenomena is helping its users become more mindful while aiding them in taking steps to improving their mental health. This not only makes them more aware of their mental health and well-being, but it also increases their self-confidence and resilience in the face of challenges.

At times you truly feel you have to continue to keep up with all the oh-so-best individuals, but this is generally a façade. This is an enchantment to set mental health above appearances.

– Virginia  

Did you ever know a man or woman with a fantastic existence? A individual who is fantastic at almost everything, every person likes them, and they are without having any concerns.

This is Marie Sue.

Marie Sue laughs all the time.

Marie Sue is good in athletics.

Marie Sue is intelligent.

Marie Sue arrives together with every person.

Marie Sue is marvellous.

Marie Sue likes a good deal of issues.

She loves her close friends, she loves her athletics, singing, dancing, her programs, and her get the job done.

Marie Sue is at college.

Marie Sue simply cannot go to the Christmas markets.

Marie Sue ought to work or else she simply cannot afford to pay for uni.

Marie Sue need to learn to earn a excellent task.

Marie Sue has now high priced loans.

Marie Sue hears a good deal of voices: You ought to do it like … just do it … extra … more durable … increased …

Marie Sue just smiled.

Marie Sue’s formatives started off.

Marie Sue needs her athletics for state of mind.

Marie Sue sleeps in the library.

Marie Sue would like to see her close friends.

Marie Sue is crafting and composing … extra and more as anticipated.

Marie Sue is crying.

Right up until her greatest buddy Sue-Marie tells her a secret: You do not have to be perfect!

Marie Sue laughs!

Whether you are looking for guidance for your personal psychological overall health at university or supporting a close friend, assist is available.

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