Pro Tips To Choose The Right Pilates Outfits For You

Pro Tips To Choose The Right Pilates Outfits For You

One of the most challenging kinds of exercises, Pilates is becoming very popular among fitness enthusiasts. The essence of Pilates is to connect the body and mind with focused breath control techniques. Some of the fitness objectives envisaged through Pilates include balance, flexibility, muscular endurance, improving core strength, posture and excellent coordination. These exercises are done either sitting or lying on a reformer machine or mat employing springs to achieve a range of motion and resistance.

Why choose the right Pilates Outfits?

Choosing the right Pilates outfits is crucially important as the clothing worn during the session can highly impact your experience. A West New York based instructor Caroline Chisholm at Club Pilates says, “You want [to wear] clothing that doesn’t hinder you, and that can move and breathe with you throughout the whole class. Pilates is always about feeling better than you started, so wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident.”

Since Pilates stresses on proper alignment, Laura Fielding, Master Trainer at Club Pilates Studios in Denver, Colorado recommends fitted clothing. She says, “Instructors are always looking to make sure clients are moving from the correct muscles because it is important to maintain good alignment to get the most out of your workout and avoid injury.”

When you wear form fitting clothing, Pilates Instructors can easily check your movement and ensure if anything has to be corrected to optimize the training. Fielding says, “As an instructor, I can help you get the best version of yourself in class when I can see what your body is doing.” she says. When the participants wear baggy sweatpants, for instance, it is not possible for the trainers to see whether they are hyperextending the knees or completely straightening the knee when baggy t-shirts cover the core and the shoulders.

How to choose the right Pilates apparel?

For bottoms, there are quite a few options like capris, leggings or fitted shorts. For tops, you can try fitted long or short sleeved tees, fitted tanks, or sports bras. Whatever be your choice, you must prioritize comfort, flexibility and the perfect coverage. 

The choice of material is crucial as it can significantly impact the quality and comfort of an item. The ability to stretch is one of the most desirable aspects of Pilates clothes Chisholm says, “I hate the feeling of a cute new pair of leggings that, when worn in a class setting, feel like they might rip just for me to get a good stretch; comfort and mobility are key.”

Fielding believes that stretch is a vital feature in Pilates outfits and she suggests stretchy fabrics that can fit in well with the form, comfortable, and can move with the body. According to her only such a clothingwill support a full range of motion. She remarks, “This will allow the client to get the most benefit from the exercise and avoid injury.”

Fielding stresses on the importance of going for moisture absorbing material. She says, “When you are lying on the reformer carriage, which is covered in vinyl, you may sweat a lot, and a sweaty, baggy t-shirt wouldn’t feel nice. Plus, if you’re doing an inverted move, a form-fitting top won’t hike up around your face.” Therefore, doing enough research can help in choosing the right Pilates Outfits.

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