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Wire Service- San Francisco, CA -California Governor Gavin Newsom condemned Walgreens for its plan to restrict the availability of the abortion pill in some states, calling the move “atrocious” and “unacceptable.”

Citing a memo from the company sent to its executives, Newsom noted that Walgreens had decided to limit the distribution of the abortion pill known as mifepristone in certain states. While the memo does not explicitly state which states the availability would be limited in, it does make it clear that the restriction would be in effect in certain states where abortion laws are more restrictive.

In a statement to NPR, Newsom called out Walgreens’ move as wrongheaded and against California’s own values. “This decision is atrocious, and Walgreens should reverse it immediately,” he said. “In California, we are dedicated to upholding the right to choose and to protecting access to medication. We will not tolerate any efforts to limit access to the full range of reproductive healthcare services.”

The statement is a strong rebuke of Walgreens’ policy, and a clear articulation of conscience in favor of the right to choose. The Governor’s statement comes in the midst of a national conversation over access to abortion and reproductive freedom, and his decision to make a statement on this issue highlights his commitment to protecting a woman’s right to choose.

Newsom’s condemnation of Walgreens’ plan is one more step in the fight for reproductive freedom in the United States. The governor’s statement sends a strong signal that the state of California will not tolerate limits to reproductive rights and will continue to protect access to the full range of reproductive healthcare services. [ad_1]

California’s governor tweeted out the point out was “performed” with Walgreens due to the fact of its reaction to a risk from 20 Republican attorneys basic above abortion products.

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