New Moon in Pisces: Horoscopes for All Zodiac Symptoms

As the new moon in Pisces arrives this month, all of us will benefit from some heartfelt emotions and spiritual insights as we enter a new cycle. The energy from this new moon encourages us to embrace our emotions, find clarity around our intuition, and to make decisions with our inner knowing. As each of us has our own zodiac sign and characteristics, there are specific aspects of this new moon that resonate more strongly for each sign of the zodiac.

For Aries, this new moon in Pisces invites you to slow down and get in touch with your spiritual side. Surrender your worries and trust that changes will happen as they should. Spend more time alone and use this energy to connect with yourself.

For Taurus, this new moon encourages you to open your heart and trust the process of growth, learning, and transformation. You are being asked to take risks, to step out of your comfort zone, and to allow yourself to find true understanding.

For Gemini, this new moon is inviting you to slow down and reflect on your life and what’s important to you. It’s an excellent time for getting in touch with your intuition and connecting with your soul’s inner wisdom.

For Cancer, this new moon is a chance to seek out a more peaceful life. Use the energy to focus on calming yourself and making peace with the past. This is a time of emotional healing, so trust that you are exactly where you need to be.

For Leo, this new moon reminds you that life is not always as it seems. Take time to explore the shadows and embrace your sense of mystery. You are being asked to find peace with uncertainty and to trust that what’s meant to be will be.

For Virgo, this new moon encourages you to slow down and attune to the subtle nuances of life. Rather than hustle and bustle, take time to accept the flow of life and enjoy its magic. Be creative and open your heart to new possibilities.

For Libra, this new moon encourages you to explore yourself and your relationships. It’s a time for creating balance and a deeper connection in all areas of your life.

For Scorpio, this new moon is asking you to focus on healing and transforming your life. Take time to explore what is important and how to bring more balance and harmony into your life.

For Sagittarius, this new moon is a reminder to focus on what is meaningful and to connect with your deepest truth and purpose. Let go of any unnecessary stress and enjoy the journey.

For Capricorn, this new moon is asking you to reconnect with your emotional side and find balance between work and play. Allow yourself to dream and to find ways to make your dreams come true.

For Aquarius, this new moon energizes your inner creation. Use the time to explore the creative process and take time to be creative. Let go of old ideas and open your mind to the possibilities of the future.

Finally, for Pisces, the new moon in Pisces is the time to make peace with yourself and your journey. Reflect on your past and trust that everything will work out in the end.

No matter what your zodiac sign is, this is a good time for reflection and for taking time for yourself. Enjoy the Pisces energy and use it to explore your inner depth and strength. [ad_1]

The new moon in Pisces moves by way of the sky on February 19 at 11:06 p.m. PT (or February 20 at 2:06 a.m. ET), heralding a new astrological period. Just a couple months after, in March, we’ll see some key alter on the cosmic entrance: Saturn moves into Pisces on March 7 and Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23. This new moon features like a portal to that new astrological chapter, hinting at what we can count on to be prepared in the stars in the months to occur.

A new moon in Pisces—the indicator of deep thoughts and the inner psyche—reminds us to desire significant, stirs up our creativity, and also asks us to replicate on the great importance of surrender. This a single marks an opportune time to hone your partnership with your intuition, offered that it is the final lunation in Pisces without having the rough impact of Saturn until eventually 2026. While Pisces is normally a no cost-flowing and inspiring signal, when it is occupied by taskmaster Saturn, we could detect that lunations in Pisces turn out to be significantly less expansive and freeform and adopt a bit a lot more of a sobering and severe tone.

We could experience extra tension below this new moon or as if we’re on the heels of a enormous shift—which we are.

On the day of the new moon, Venus in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn will also be lingering at 29 degrees, the closing degree ahead of transforming signs. In astrology, the 29th degree is regarded as an anaretic diploma, which can channel emotions of stress. As a final result, we could come to feel much more strain less than this new moon or as if we’re on the heels of a massive shift—which we are. On a collective and personal stage, daily life will glance and experience drastically diverse just after March 2023.

In particular, this new moon foreshadows the vibe of March 18, when Saturn in Pisces will get there at the exact issue that this new moon will take area. Pay interest to the themes of conversations and interactions under this new moon, as very similar subjects could occur up for revision on March 18.

Some fantastic information? We have formally moved earlier the post-shadow Mars retrograde phase and are finally venturing into uncharted territory. All planets are direct and getting speed. It is go time!

To get a whole knowing of how this new moon in Pisces will have an effect on you, study on for your sunshine, moon, and rising signals. Then, pick up a distinctive self-treatment follow to make the most of the working day.

What the new moon in Pisces means for your zodiac indication


The new moon in Pisces moves by your 12th residence of closure, healing, and launch. Now is an aligned time to mirror on the desires you at the time experienced for by yourself. Do they continue to tug at your soul? It may possibly be time to let go of something you after dreamed of to make space for a thing even more aligned to enter your sphere. Tune into your internal voice—it’s featuring steering loud and very clear.

Your new moon self-treatment practice: If you’re in a position, just take a bath. Sink into your solitude, and consider out a guided meditation. Or else, devote some tranquil time on your own. You could possibly be amazed by the private breakthroughs or ideas that area.


What is your end goal, Taurus? As the new moon lights up your 11th dwelling of community, friendships, hopes, and desires, your attention is shifting toward your long term and collaboration. Now is a fertile time to plant seeds of intention for what you hope to manifest down the line. Leaning into your network may possibly support convey you closer to your desires—and new connections produced at this time can also be inspiring.

Your new moon self-care practice: Be a part of a group or organization that feeds your soul. Expending time about people who share similar pursuits as you will be inspiring and encouraging.


Probabilities are, you have a broad wide range of pursuits, Gemini. This new moon in Pisces, which activates your 10th residence of general public status, could direct you to your upcoming milestone in 1 of individuals passions. If occupation is a target, that may well signify you receive a new position, venture, or function at operate. If not, perhaps you make progress toward a personalized intention or ambition. In any case, this clean start could bring focus your way use your magnetism to your gain.

Your new moon self-treatment exercise: Make a listing of your achievements. To do so, go back again into the previous as much as you want. This will aid you replicate on all you have attained and remind you to practice gratitude for where by you are now.

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A viewpoint shift is on its way, Cancer. The new moon moves by means of your ninth home of travel, growth, spirituality, and awareness. A thing about your worldview or the way you applied to interpret a scenario is altering. New information could guide you to improve or acquire new thoughts. Probably you encounter an important mentor or start off a new course of review close to this time. It’s also an aligned time for travel—so, if you can, guide that bucket-list journey!

Your new moon self-care practice: Try out a little something new, even if it feels risky. You’re much more informed now that engaging in new actions has the probable to extend your head.


It is time to rethink the way you devote in some others, Leo. The new moon highlights your eighth house of shared resources and finances, leading you to rework the way you devote and conserve revenue and exactly where you pick out to spend. On an psychological amount, you are clearing out the past and may well be all set to cut ties with outdated stories that really do not outline you. Your time and power are also important methods, and you could reconsider with whom you share them moving ahead.

Your new moon self-care apply: Check out a cord-reducing meditation. If there is a particular person or problem which is lingering in your daily life but that no extended serves you, use this physical exercise to cost-free you from this out-of-date connection.


Partnership and collaboration are prime of thoughts, Virgo. The new moon in Pisces illuminates your seventh property of a single-on-a single associations and contracts. New organization and passionate unions can get area if you put on your own out there to join with some others. And for coupled Virgos, this strength supports a love or relationship refresh—it’s time to reignite the spark!

Your new moon self-treatment observe: Reach out to a person of desire. It could be do the job- or enjoy-similar or a platonic relationship, but never hesitate to shoot your shot. Collaboration is favored beneath this new moon, so go soon after the people whom you want in your everyday living.


Is your do the job-life equilibrium beneath control, Libra? The new moon lands in your sixth residence of wellness, routines, tough perform, and routines. If you’ve been overextending yourself, it is a reminder to honor your boundaries. Bear in mind: You are entitled to rest. This is also an aligned time to kick an previous pattern you never want to have into the future moon cycle and rework your daily program.

Your new moon self-treatment apply: Say no. Prospects are, people want a large amount from you suitable now, and you’re now contending with a whole lot. Really do not be concerned to specific your very own demands and your boundaries as essential.


It’s time for a minor much more pleasure and play, Scorpio. The new moon moves as a result of your fifth household of romance, sexuality, creativity, and leisure. And as a end result, it could increase some sparks to your dating daily life. This is also an possibility to engage with hobbies and actions that feed your soul, and to rejoice and concentrate on enduring joy in the current moment.

Your new moon self-treatment exercise: Get oneself to a playground! It’s time to allow your interior kid steer the ship. Have interaction in some childlike enjoy, and depart the adulting at the door. Your ability to reconnect with your creativity could show inspiring in numerous distinctive regions of your life.


You may possibly be craving a lot more solitude than typical, Sagittarius. The new moon highlights your fourth dwelling of spouse and children, dwelling surroundings, and your feeling of protection. Potentially you locate oneself feeling extra nostalgic as a result. Pay back notice to what’s well worth holding on to vs . which parts of your previous you are completely ready to launch. You might have the possibility for new commences in the realm of residence and loved ones, as well, most likely in the variety of a renovation or redecoration, a new roommate, or an option to reconcile a familial romance.

Your new moon self-treatment exercise: Consider a second to mirror on the physical objects in your bedroom. Are they reflective of who you are and the lifestyle you want to reside? Swap out the decorations appropriately to generate a a lot more supportive and nurturing surroundings.


More, extra—read all about it, Capricorn! The new moon illuminates your 3rd property of communication, self-expression, mastering, and your surrounding natural environment. In transform, you might observe significant shifts using put in the life of individuals about you, siblings, or extended family. Your schedule may well also be busier than normal with social events. Regardless of what information and facts comes, do your best to communicate and share your inner thoughts and thoughts brazenly.

Your new moon self-treatment practice: Open up your voice memo app and begin speaking. Detail exactly where you are now, and then, describe your long run and wherever you want to be—but do so as if it is now took place. Your words and phrases have magic below this new moon.


You could locate by yourself tuned into your funds and personal means, Aquarius. The new moon lands in your second residence of profits, possibly signaling a increase or new undertaking at work, or only inviting you to rethink your price range. If you’ve been eyeing a huge buy for some time, you could also last but not least come to a decision to treat yourself. You’re reconnecting with your sense of comfort and ease and commencing a new chapter in self-sufficiency to sustain it.

Your new moon self-treatment follow: Exercise gratitude just about every time you swipe your credit history card or pay out for anything. This will help cultivate a much more plentiful way of thinking.


It is all about you, Pisces! Not only is it your year, but also, this new moon can take area in your sign and initial property of self, id, and private ambitions. It is inquiring you to be the boldest model of by yourself, producing this an opportune time to aim on your plans and needs for the year to appear. What do you want to get in touch with in? No matter what it is, charge fearlessly towards it.

Your new moon self-care exercise: Close your eyes, and visualize your superior-college self. How did they want to self-convey? Who did they want to be? Embody some section of their aspiration self that still feels aligned currently. Exhibit them that it’s secure to take up room in a way that feels reliable.


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