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When you’ve been afflicted by hiccups that are persistent and seemingly endless, the search for a cure can often be more than a little exhausting. Fortunately there are a few strategies that have been proven to prevent hiccups virtually instantly, as reported by NPR.

These traditional remedies don’t necessarily work for everyone, however most people who have given them a chance stand a good chance of seeing success. The first technique that NPR suggests is drinking a glass of water. Not only does the act of swallowing help to reset the diaphragm, which usually prevents hiccups from returning; the act of taking a full breath can also help to relax the body.

The next method that NPR recommends is a little more daring; holding your breath for as long as you can manage. This technique works much like drinking a glass of water in that it encourages deep breaths, resetting the diaphragm in the process.

A third suggestion for stopping hiccups is to jolt your body into action by swallowing or eating something sweet or sour, such as a teaspoon of sugar, a tablespoon of vinegar, or a few drops of lemon juice. Again the act of swallowing will reset the diaphragm, while the subsequent sour or sweet taste will shock the body into not hiccupping.

The last suggestion NPR offers is to gargle with water. The cold water can help to relax the throat muscles, preventing hiccups in the process.

All four of these suggestions may sound unconventional, but they can help to stop hiccups immediately. With that in mind, they are certainly worth a try the next time you experience irritating and persistent hiccups. [ad_1]

Uri Bram wrote an extensive posting for The Atlantic on a absolutely sure-fireplace get rid of for the hiccups.


This could happen to any person. We snicker far too challenging or eat much too speedy and abruptly we’re stuck with hiccups that can last for minutes or even several hours.


Author Uri Bram was out with his girlfriend a when back again when she got the hiccups.

URI BRAM: So I googled how to remedy hiccups.

INSKEEP: He failed to locate quite a few clinical answers. He did locate plenty of property solutions.

BRAM: There are various persons who declare that if you maintain down your still left ear, specially your left ear, that will end your hiccups. And then you will find heaps of variations of drinking drinking water out of the back again of the glass, out of the facet of the glass, chilly water, ice h2o, what ever you can picture.


NEKO Circumstance AND HER BOYFRIENDS: (Singing) I obtained the honky tonk hiccups – prepared, continual, go. I bought the honky tonk hiccups…

INSKEEP: His look for for a cure helped him to find out extra than he at any time desired to know about hiccups.

MARTÍNEZ: He wrote about his discoveries in the newest situation of The Atlantic.

BRAM: Hiccups – technically, they are termed singultus. Your diaphragm often falls into these spasms, and once they commence, the nerves just keep telling the diaphragm to spasm. And then you breathe in the air, that hits the shut vocal wire spot and that tends to make the hic audio.

MARTÍNEZ: Bram states there’s been remarkably very little study on hiccups.

BRAM: There is only actually been two small scientific forays into hiccups that I could come across that confirmed a certain solution actually operates.

INSKEEP: One of those answers is a consuming straw designed by a medical doctor at the College of Texas named Ali Seifi. It was a major hit on the Television present “Shark Tank.”

BRAM: He developed a unique form of straw that has a quite smaller gap at the bottom and a major hole at the leading. And it will take a ton of effort to suck as a result of the straw. And this stabilizes the diaphragm with adequate strain that your hiccups will stop.

MARTÍNEZ: Now, if you really don’t want to spend 13 bucks for the HiccAway straw, here’s a heal which is totally free. It’s a respiration technique proposed by a surgeon named Luc Morris.

BRAM: You just take in a pretty deep breath.

INSKEEP: (Having deep breath) Maintain it for 10 seconds.

BRAM: And then you leading it up with a minor bit extra breath.

INSKEEP: (Breathing in).

MARTÍNEZ: Then hold it for an additional 5.

BRAM: And then you major it up with a minimal bit more breath once again.

INSKEEP: And then exhale (exhaling).

BRAM: This, again, like, stabilizes the diaphragm in a way that would seem to consistently stop hiccups.

MARTÍNEZ: Dr. Morris released his get rid of for hiccups virtually 20 decades back. So why do so several people today know about it?

BRAM: Properly, that was particularly my issue and how I begun creating the short article. And as very best I can convey to, there is certainly just no money in it. Effectively, what it arrives down to is no just one could pay out for additional reports. There’s no drug you can sell. You can find no resource or system. So there was no way to consider the analysis even further.

INSKEEP: Now, this respiration system isn’t great, but would seem to be productive. And if it would not work for you, bear in mind, you could always test singing upcoming time you get the hiccups – some individuals swear by it – or maintain your breath and consider five sips of h2o, which is a solution I observed as soon as on “The Andy Griffith Exhibit.”

MARTÍNEZ: Or how’s for this wondering outside the voice box – just wait for the hiccups to go absent.

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