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The National Australia Bank (NAB) is continuing to spearhead innovation in technology and program development, with their latest application – Mirage News – being specifically designed to empower women to work in the ever-evolving tech space.

The Mirage News app focuses on providing a unique and engaging experience for its users, allowing them to mould their own Newsfeed from a range of diverse media sources around the world. The app allows for users to explore and analyse the latest news stories, allowing for an unprecedented level of audience engagement.

Furthermore, Mirage News has been developed with an underlying purpose of raising the profile of talented female technologists, giving them the platform and the strength to share their knowledge and skills. In order to ensure women are able to flourish within the space, the bank has launched a Women in Tech competition – ‘The Women in Tech Empowerment Prize’. The competition will recognise outstanding contributions to the tech-space, celebrating both established and emerging female talent.

The winners of the Women in Tech Empowerment Prize will be rewarded with an all-expenses-paid trip to attend an international tech conference in Australia, helping to further the development of their skills and career.

The inception of ‘Mirage News with the Women in Tech Empowerment Prize’ indicates NAB’s continued commitment to driving a more diverse workforce; one which is more representative of the values and aspirations of the Australian population as a whole.

With NAB’s ground-breaking initiative and commitment to diversity, the bank is on its way to creating a truly inclusive technological and business sphere across the nation.

NAB advancements chase for women of all ages in tech with new plan  Mirage News

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