my practical experience with loneliness at university

Having just finished my second year at University, I have learnt a lot about myself and the world. I think a sentiment that many of my peers are familiar with is that of loneliness. Whether it’s being away from home, missing your friends, or even beginning to feel isolated socially, many students face loneliness while attending university. This is something that I have personally experienced.

At first, I found it hard to get to know people and even harder to make genuine connections. This, coupled with a difficult course load and increased pressures from my lecturers, made it feel almost impossible to stay positive. With university being the first time I had ever really felt lonely, it was a foreign and isolating experience. This all changed when I decided to join a student society of people with similar interests and goals.

The meetings quickly became a highlight of my week, if not my entire university experience. It was a welcoming and safe environment to ask questions, share passions, and grow friendships. Moving away from home made me worry I would lose contact with the people I love, but with this society I was able to make unique friendships and stronger connections with amazing people around the world. By being open with my peers and myself, I was able to open up about why I felt lonely and gained valuable insight from them.

Now, I can confidently say that the society has changed my life. Through my involvement I have become a better leader, a better listener, and a better friend. I often think back to how isolated I was when I first started university and I’m amazed at the progress I’ve made since then.

To anyone who feels lonely at university, I implore you to be brave and learn from the experience. There are so many resources offered by your university and so many different ways to connect. For me, it was joining a student society, but it may be something else for you. Ultimately, it’s important to create positive memories and connections during your time at university, as you will need them down the road in life. [ad_1]

Emily shares her encounter of loneliness although at college and her ideas for how to make variations to assist with emotions of isolation.

– Emily

Right up until March of this year, my college working experience experienced been a relatively constructive a person. There ended up ups and downs, but I always felt I experienced a great team of buddies and a good boyfriend to guidance me by means of tricky times. 

On the other hand, a great deal of this transformed at the conclude of my 2nd time period at college. Right after a rough breakup, I felt incredibly lonely and really lost. I identified it so challenging to move from owning an individual to chat with day-to-day to absolutely nothing. To make matters even worse, it was approaching exam period: mounting academic stress on myself and my good friends meant that I was paying out days and times by yourself. I had tried out to attain out to some of my pals, but the busyness and general chaos of examination year intended that replies ended up infrequent. I feared that my aid network was disappearing. Ultimately, my anxiety worsened, and regular panic attacks returned after practically a yr of not enduring them. Hiding these thoughts of loneliness from friends and spouse and children only produced points even worse.   

To commence with, I didn’t definitely know how to clear up the loneliness I was going through. It was not until a relatives member arrived at out that I felt able to talk about what I was feeling and what I could do to deal with my loneliness at college.   

Listed here are some matters that have assisted me to experience considerably less lonely: 

  • I spoke to members of my help network about how I was emotion. I even located that some of my pals ended up also sensation lonely throughout examination year and have been happy I had contacted them.
  • I attempted to show up at as quite a few modern society gatherings as attainable when the expression started yet again. Signing up for new societies is also a terrific way to battle loneliness, as obtaining people today with common pursuits is an fantastic way to establish new assist networks.  
  • I tried to invest less time on social media. Watching other people’s seemingly “perfect” lives often exacerbated emotions of loneliness. I check out to depart the property at the very least as soon as a working day. Throughout test period, I commonly visited my area espresso shop to see common faces and chat with all those who worked there. It made me feel relatively less isolated.   

I wouldn’t say that I have uncovered a fantastic resolution for loneliness. I continue to working experience durations where by I really feel out of contact with friends and spouse and children. Nevertheless, I now experience extra self-confident to ask for aid when necessary. Achieving out to members of a help network is so critical in tackling inner thoughts of loneliness.    

Loneliness is a certainly terrible expertise. Right after my current activities, I see great benefit in commonly contacting friends and relatives. Anybody could be encountering loneliness at any moment. You do not constantly see what people today are going through, and a single concept could entirely modify someone’s working day. 

I am Emily, a next-calendar year History and Spanish undergraduate at Durham University. After battling with different facets of my psychological wellness although in my initial and second yr at university and observing close good friends battle also, I’ve turn into specifically aware of the stigma encompassing student psychological overall health. I am sharing my story to demonstrate that loneliness is a extra common working experience at college than folks may possibly consider. 


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