My Pores and skin Loves the Dove Overall body Enjoy Age Embrace Line

The Dove Body Love Age Embrace line is one of the most innovative body care products on the market. As someone who has battled with dry and dull skin, I’m excited to share my story of how this revolutionary line has changed my life.

My skin has never been the best – it’s always been dry, sensitive and prone to breakouts. After trying a variety of products, I thought I would never feel confident and comfortable with my complexion. That all changed when I found Dove’s Body Love Age Embrace line.

Not only does this line focus on nourishing the skin, it also embraces my age and wrinkles. The moisturizing ingredients like Vitamin E, Rosehip and Apricot Kernel Oil deeply nourish my skin, leaving it hydrated, soft and smooth. The remarkable results I’ve seen in just a few weeks of using this line have been fantastic.

Not only has it made my skin feel better, it has also boosted my confidence. With the help of this line, I feel comfortable trying more daring makeup looks and showing off my body. I love that the Body Love Age Embrace line has helped me to appreciate my age, while keeping my skin looking youthful and supple.

I cannot recommend this line enough. If you’ve been struggling with dry or uneven skin, I highly suggest you give Dove’s Body Love Age Embrace line a try. It is truly a game-changer. [ad_1]

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Just one of my least favorite parts of winter season has generally been the havoc it wreaks on the skin all in excess of my body—and the unwelcome itchiness, dryness, and dullness only got worse when I hit my mid-40s. Nonetheless, I’ve tackled my skin woes the identical way for yrs: With an in-shower entire body wash followed by a moisturizer.

Seemingly, I am not by yourself in sticking to a basic regimen for the skin from my neck down: In accordance to Dove, 80 per cent of women say that facial care is a lot more vital than body treatment, a sentiment any professional will notify you just isn’t really legitimate from a skin well being standpoint. “We have all been programmed to emphasis on the confront forgetting that most of our pores and skin is actually beneath the neck,” claims Mona Gohara, MD, a board-qualified dermatologist in Hamden, Connecticut who will work with Dove. “The similar tenets of facial skin wellness should really be used to one’s total system. Cleaning, moisturizing, exfoliation, and defense are all needed to retain our pores and skin in its entirety in its best shape.”

To aid fill the gap, the legendary beauty model developed its Overall body Treatment Really like selection of cleansers and shower butters, which incorporate energetic substances normally located in facial-treatment formulation. The line incorporates individual solutions that target certain pores and skin issues—acne, dryness, and uneven skin tone—that have largely been related with the confront, but can in fact occur all around.

For my very own bone-dry skin, I was most psyched about the “Age Embrace” faction of the line, which contains a Pre-Cleanse Shower Butter ($11) and a Liquid System Clean Cleanser ($8) built exclusively for experienced skin issues these as dryness and absence of suppleness.

The two-action regimen involves a pre-cleanse overall body butter, which deposits moisture into the deepest layers of the pores and skin, and a serum-infused cleanser to cleanse and fortify the skin barrier to lock in the vitamins from the butter. This doubling-down technique borrows from the facial care strategy of “layering” humidity for enhanced results, claims Dr. Gohara.

“Two are better than one. Assume about layering on garments on a cold day. The staff adds extra reward than any specific participant alone,” she explains. “Each action will help to lock in moisture and offer skin barrier nutrients to leave powering delicate and supple pores and skin.”

Both of those Age Embrace goods consist of peptide serum and pure glycerin to handle widespread experienced skin concerns these kinds of as roughness, dryness, and dullness. The overall body cleanser is also infused with Dove’s distinctive 10x Humidity Strengthen Advanced, a signature mix together with stearic acid and glycerin with 10 periods the moisturizers of the future leading entire body wash, suggests Dr. Gohara.

Placing it to the exam

Making use of a entire body butter in the shower (directions are to apply it to moist pores and skin), right before a cleanser was a thing I hadn’t tried out prior to. As quickly as I opened the jar, I fell in appreciate with the product’s texture. It was soft and thick, nevertheless went on quickly and efficiently. The body cleanser’s creamy, lotion-like method lathered very well and felt comforting on my parched pores and skin. It also created shaving my legs a breeze. (You can effortlessly ditch the shaving cream and use this as an alternative.) Even though the items are not labeled as “unscented,” there was no scent that I could distinguish, which may possibly be a furthermore or minus relying on your preference. Publish-shower my skin felt moisturized, soft, and supple—just as promised.

A single drawback: Adding the body butter to my shower schedule was relatively time-consuming. Though the two actions are not one thing I can indulge in each day, it was a great luxury on the days I didn’t have deadlines piling up. It is really a fantastic second to give the pores and skin down below my neck the identical love you give the skin over it. And thanks to these two items, my human body-care regime has accomplished a a great deal-essential “about face.”

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