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In today’s world, technology is making leaps and bounds in providing innovative solutions to enhance our daily lives. Artificial intelligence, or AI, is becoming increasingly popular in various industries, including education. However, educators are facing some skepticism about its use – worries about cheating and other ethical considerations are making them reluctant to fully embrace AI.

KTLA Los Angeles recently reported that AI-powered technologies, such as online assessment systems, have caused an increase in cheating due to the lack of oversight in these platforms. With no direct contact between student and teacher, both parties are at risk of perpetrating dishonest practices.

Cheating on assessments, in particular, is becoming increasingly rampant. AI’s automation of tests and other assessments allows students to complete them faster and easier than ever before. Because of this, cheating scandals have been making headlines, such as the recent scandal in Singapore where students used (AI-enabled) bots to answer difficult questions and replicate answers from previous exam papers.

Even with the presence of anti-cheating features, such as plagiarism detectors and keystroke analyzers, educators are still finding it difficult to identify and respond to cheating in real-time. The ethical problems posed by AI’s automation have raised alarms in many countries, and have led to a wide-spread debate about how to ensure fairness and accuracy in examinations.

Nevertheless, advances in AI technologies have not yet dampened the enthusiasm of educators. Although AI-powered assessment systems have been around for a while, advancements in technology have allowed them to become more sophisticated and accurate. With AI-powered analyses, educators can better evaluate students’ work and identify mistakes more easily.

Therefore, there are a lot of potential benefits to using AI in educational assessment systems, but there are also risks. Educators and institutions must take steps to ensure that cheating does not become an issue in their classrooms. It’s important for educators to understand both the opportunities and challenges that AI technologies present, so that cheating can be avoided and ethical AI usage can be encouraged.

Latest AI-powered technologies has educators worried about cheating  KTLA Los Angeles

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