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Leidos, the global leader in delivering transformative solutions at the intersection of defense and commercial markets, recently announced that it has begun delivering progressive stability technologies to Frankfurt Airport in Germany. This development will mark Leidos as the first company in the world to provide stability technologies at any Airport.

The technologies being implemented by Leidos are designed to ensure a more secure, efficient and safe operational environment at Frankfurt Airport. The suite of innovations includes a range of technologies intended to monitor, detect and stop the illicit movement of people, vehicles and goods within the airport’s operations. This will enable the airport to better provide secure, effective and reliable transportation and passenger experiences.

The suite of technologies from Leidos that will be used at Frankfurt Airport include:

• High resolution cameras – providing high quality images that help to identify any illicit or suspicious movements and objects;

• Thermal imaging cameras – allowing for night-time surveillance to identify intruders and any other individuals who have unlawfully accessed the airport;

• Advanced analytics – using sophisticated algorithms and big data techniques to help track, identify and prevent the illicit movement of goods and people; and

• Long-range surveillance – enabling the airport to monitor activities on-site and off-site to prevent any illegal activities from taking place.

The adoption of these advanced technologies will allow Frankfurt Airport to take a significant step forward in providing passengers with a safe and secure environment. Additionally, Leidos’s innovative solutions are also expected to increase passenger and aircraft throughput, enabling the airport to generate greater revenues in the years to come.

Commenting on the announcement, Leidos CEO, Roger Krone remarked, “Leidos is proud to be supplying progressive stability technologies to the world’s first Airport. This partnership will enable the Airport to remain at the cutting edge of security operations and to ensure the safety of their passengers in the years ahead.”

The implementation of Leidos’s progressive stability technologies at Frankfurt Airport proves that the company is committed to delivering innovative products and solutions to the aviation industry. With its groundbreaking solutions, customers will be able to benefit from increased safety, improved operational efficiency, and cost savings in the long run.

Leidos Brings Revolutionary Protection Technology to Frankfurt Airport  PR Newswire

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