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Legislators in Pennsylvania introduced a new bill on Monday that would protect workers from the growing use of advanced technologies in the workplace. The bill would prohibit companies from implementing automated technologies that would displace workers or eliminate the need for them in the workplace.

This bill comes at a time when new technologies are being used to reduce human labor in the workplace. Companies are now introducing automated systems to reduce costs and improve efficiency, but these advancements come at a cost. Workers who have previously held these positions are now being replaced by machines.

This new bill, sponsored by Sen. Kaso and Rep. Burke, would oppose this trend and protect workers from these advancements in technology. The bill would require companies to create job security plans and would require businesses to assess whether the employment of technology would cause displacement or reduce the employment of people in their company.

Under the bill, companies which fail to follow the regulations would face strict penalties. Companies found to not be following the regulations would be fined and the secretary of labor or industrial relations would be authorized to bring legal action against the employer.

The bill is critical to protect workers in an ever-evolving technological age. By putting restrictions in place, it will prevent widespread job loss due to automation and new technology. While advanced technologies can be beneficial in providing efficiency and cost savings, they should not come at the cost of the jobs of so many hardworking individuals.

Legislators introduce bill to defend personnel from state-of-the-art …  NorthcentralPA.com

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