Kristina Girod Spin Course Lessons on Self confidence

When it comes to feeling empowered, Kristina Girod has a few tricks up her sleeve.

Kristina Girod, a life coach, speaker and self-confidence influencer, has launched her signature spin course and it’s all about building strong, unshakable confidence.

With the help of 3 simple steps, the spin course helps you break down the barriers holding you back, unlock your full potential, discover courage and build confidence that can never be taken away.

The course comes with a comprehensive workbook, so you can keep track of your progress and monitor your development. Each week, you receive a video lesson, guided exercises and inspiring activities to help you implement the strategies and grow.

Kristina believes that the first step to become more self-confident is building an awareness of one’s own strengths and qualities. She teaches her students how to develop their inner strength and how to use their talents to foster their own growth.

In the next stage of the course, students are rewarded for taking chances and challenging their comfort zones. Through weekly inspiring activities, Kristina encourages them to be more courageous, confident and prepared for failure.

The final step to developing self-confidence is to claim ownership of your own experience. This means setting goals, accepting ownership of your actions and being responsible for your own future. Kristina believes that this teaches her students to take full control of their destiny.

Through Kristina’s spin course, students will learn how to tap into their hidden potential and build a long-lasting confidence that can never be taken away. By completing the three steps, students will become more self-assured, happier and ready to take the world head on. [ad_1]

If you’ve observed any of the a lot of viral movies of their significant-strength, dance-filled spin classes that’ve garnered tens of millions of sights in a very little corner of TikTok acknowledged as SpinTok, you know that Scottsdale, Arizona-based Electric power + Flow is no common cycling studio. College students conduct complex, hugely rhythmic choreography on their bikes with the self-assurance of backup dancers, typically cheered on by teacher Kristina Girod, who established the studio in 2020. 

There’s some thing infectious about the liberty and joy in the videos—hence the hundreds of reviews on Electric power + Flow’s social channels in which followers are possibly plotting their moves to Scottsdale or thinking how it’s doable for absolutely everyone in the course to know the dances inside of-and-out.

But the studio’s climbing profile recently drew destructive attention: Star Peloton instructor Cody Rigsby commented on 1 video of a spin course calling it “unsafe” and “a joke”—presumably referring to the simple fact that college students are doing these kinds of difficult actions whilst using at a comparatively brief speed—in response to another person who tagged him asking for very similar rides on the Peloton system.

Girod responded on Instagram about how this was an inadvertent teaching second for her: “We discuss generally about how the function we do in in this article will get us completely ready for what we do outdoors this area,” claims Girod. “And I consider that scenario was the best option to apply what I preach, and stand up for what we have designed.” Girod and Electricity + Circulation been given an outpouring of assistance (as perfectly as an apology from Rigsby).

Properly+Excellent spoke to Girod about how she assists students uncover the confidence that will allow them to have a dance bash on the bike—and how everyone can obtain extra joy in their exercise routines.

She lays a solid foundation

Girod suggests that while it may well glimpse like every person who usually takes her courses is already a biking professional, that’s just for the reason that social media does not demonstrate the foundation she lays to get them snug with the fundamentals. “When Electricity + Movement first began, I did a full thirty day period of what we known as progress period,” she claims. “It was generally 4 months of, this is what rhythm is, this is how resistance works—we had a total week of classes hardly ever receiving out of the saddle.” (This, she says, was tough on the booty, but helpful in the long run.)

“What you’re seeing on my Instagram has been years in the generating,” she states. And what you never see? “There are first-timers in the back again row that are just trying to endure.” When people new pupils occur in, she encourages them to notice the dances until finally they feel at ease. “It’s not about the choreography, or getting the runs out of the saddle,” she states. “The a person factor that is obligatory is clapping—everybody can place their arms together and clap, and it generates this energy that just states, be totally free, allow it go, have enjoyable.” Eventually, she says, most students go from being “a deer in the headlights” to seeking the motion in the saddle, to rocking out in the entrance row.

She versions genuine self-confidence at the entrance of the space

At the studio wherever Girod taught just before Power + Stream, she felt like she experienced to execute a sort of self-confidence that didn’t experience authentic. “The coach is anticipated to come in with high strength, we simply cannot converse about our working day, we cannot express any frustrations from our personal life,” she suggests.

1 working day, she resolved to be vulnerable and communicate about a challenging day at her 9–5 occupation, and everything adjusted. “The place just exploded with so substantially appreciate and aid. And that was the minute when I recognized I can be genuine with my students,” she claims. “I tell them that I want to occur to a house and move my entire body and crystal clear my head. The place begins to realize that when they have a lousy working day, they can show up to Electricity + Stream, much too,” she claims.

Bringing her complete, genuine self to her courses commonly seems to be like “raging, screaming, hollering, clapping and dancing,” she says—which presents her learners authorization to display up to course as they are. That’s why one particular regular social media remark drives her outrageous: “I see persons say, It’s my goal to get in shape and then acquire your course,” she says. “I just want to get to by way of the screen and drag them into my daily life.”

Girod’s authenticity has solid a space exactly where pupils not only show up with the self-assurance to execute her dance routines, but to make them their own. “The moment persons get started to experience self-assured in a transfer, that is when you start out to see some minor hand flicker or gesture, some extra clap, some motion they’ve created—they can really dance and take pleasure in the motion,” she claims, incorporating that some moves that officially make it into classes were being produced up by pupils.

Her advice: Discover joy and a room that sees you

For Girod, getting a workout that feels like a lot more than a training is important to keeping away from burnout. “One thing I enjoy to do is to cease the class and say, acknowledge your neighbor, we just did that,” she states. “We get this minute of joy, instead of just forgetting about it and going on—what’s the pleasurable in that?” 

This has become a component of her studio’s lifestyle, she says—students admit each and every other for the duration of course without her even prompting them to. “Finding that joy in the do the job is what helps make it really worth carrying out,” she suggests.

But not each and every physical fitness studio has the exact lifestyle of joy and neighborhood as Ability + Move. To come across your health home, Girod implies noticing how it feels to enter a area: Do you come to feel heat and welcomed? “One matter we do very properly is that we see our persons,” she suggests. “That should be palpable from the second you stroll in.”


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