Kheerganga Trek: A Spiritual Retreat amidst the Himalayan Wilderness

Kheerganga Trek: A Spiritual Retreat amidst the Himalayan Wilderness


This place is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Trekking in Kheerganga will give you an unique experience when compared to trekking in other places. The path of trekking in this place is so lovely and pleasant as it consists of a forest type  environment, which has greenish meadows, towns, pine trees and 2 small waterfalls on the side of the mountain. The highest peak of this mountain is at a height of 10000 feets. 

You can interact with the local people of Kheerganga. If you interact with them you will be able to know about the story behind the thousand year meditation of the son (Karthikeya) of lord Shiva. It’s an interesting thing to do here. Listening about the significance of a place and the history or mystery it holds in it from its inhabitants will be a good one.  This place serves as a best fit for photography. You can create memories and capture it by taking photos on your trekking way.

Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga Trek begins at the village of Barsheni, which is accessible by car from Manikaran, a renowned Sikh pilgrimage site. It’s a 22 kilometres stretch of untouched environment and plain village sceneries in the mountains starting from Manikaran.

There are several interesting places to visit along the trek’s route, including a Shiva temple, the Rudra Naag waterfall, and numerous intriguing rock formations. On the road to Kheerganga, it offers a diversity of vegetation as well. From here, one can even hike to the Pin Parvati pass. The Pin valley is widely recognised for its protected wildlife, including snow leopards. Charas (marijuana) is notorious in Kheerganga since it is widely grown here. 

Way to trek

The closest settlement by road is Barshaini and Manikaran offers accommodations for overnight stays. Although there are a few basic guest hotels with limited amenities in Barshaini village. Driving from Chandigarh, it takes 5–6 hours to go to Bhuntar and an additional 2–3 hours to get to Barshaini. The road is great up until Bhuntar, after which it becomes a single road with fair construction quality. You will like the drive to Barshaini since it crosses the Parvati River, and the sound of flowing water adds a special tranquillity to your state of mind and experience. 

There are numerous restaurants and hotels along the route. The preferred overnight location is Kasol. You can eat any type of food in Kasol. Kasol provides a comfortable place to stay, a wide selection of food, and a beautiful view of the river. It’s fascinating to stroll along the Parvati river. In the vicinity of Kasol and Kheerganga, you’d see a lot of Israelis and hippies. Trekking in this place will serve as a therapy for your mind.

Plan for the Trek

Kheerganga trekking begins in Barshaini, which is located at a distance of about 20 kilometres from Kasol. First of all the internal transportation must be organised by the individual for your journey from Kasol to Barshaini and return. You have two options for the transportation from the place Kasol to Barshaini, that is either your own car or a private one or a shared taxi. The choice of transportation is up to you and your convenience. But, plan accordingly and priorly before you begin your journey. 

Step 1:

After reaching Kasol, the next place you have to go is Chalal. But, before moving from this place, enjoy its heavenly beauty. You can then go to the campsite situated in this place. From that site you can get many transportations in the locality for Chalal. At Chalal you can have a wonderful day. You can stroll around and visit the souvenir shops, restaurants, cafes and other places in the locality. 


After enjoying your day at Chalal you have to go back to the camp from where you came. You can enjoy dancing in the camp around the fire in the evening time and have your dinner there. You can enjoy various delicious dishes here. There are many hotels here for your night stay. Stay at Kasol at night and begin your journey the next morning. 

Step 2:

Wake up in the fresh morning and have your breakfast there and then begin your journey. The next place you need to go is Kheerganga. You can enjoy the waterfalls and hot water spring in this place. There are many hot water springs in and around Kheerganga. You can go to your camp, enjoy your evening time there, finish your dinner, stay there at night, have your breakfast in the morning and begin your journey freshly.

Step 3:

Begin your journey in the morning and then you can reach the place called Barshaini. You need to travel in the route you travelled to Kheerganga. Barshaini is the last place of your trekking. From here you can go back to Kasol and then from there you can go back to your home.