Is Your Home Elevator Truly Safe?

Is Your Home Elevator Truly Safe?

The demand for home elevators has increased with the growth of new residential and commercial buildings. Based on several independent analysts, India is going to become one of the biggest markets for elevators. Considering this, many industry players are offering high-quality elevators at reasonable prices across the country.

Whether it is an MRL elevator or any other type of home lift, they are important for buildings because they resolve numerous transportation challenges. However, the main concern for anyone using an elevator is the safety it would provide in case of any malfunction. Mentioned below are the key safety features of a home elevator.


1. Power Backup

A situation like a power outage can cause a home elevator to stop running and people inside to get stuck. This can be the reason for panic and distress. To prevent these situations, modern home elevators come with a power backup that keeps the elevator moving in case of a power outage.


2. Emergency Alarm

An emergency alarm is installed in home elevators to let individuals alert the authorities about an emergency situation. This can get them immediate help when the elevator is stuck or has any technical glitches. One can find the emergency alarm button inside Mitsubishi Electric India’s lift and manufactured by top-rated companies.


3. Gates

There are many instances when people confuse gates with doors. The door is located at each landing, while the gate travels with the elevator cab. It is important for the gateway to be free of blockages, or else it will not be able to close completely. Apart from this, gates are ideal for home elevators because they can have a finish of vinyl, wood, acrylic, etc., to give the elevator an appealing look.


4. Telephone

Modern home elevators are equipped with a telephone, which plays a critical role during an emergency. When a person is stuck in the elevator, they can use this telephone to reach out to the person in charge who can assist them telephonically. Usually, a home elevator with a telephone mentions a phone number that individuals can dial and contact authorised personnel.


5. Lighting System

A high-quality lighting system is an important safety feature of a home elevator. It allows the individuals to properly see while standing inside the elevator. Moreover, it reduces the risk of slipping or tripping. Many home elevators have taken this feature one step further by installing emergency lighting for emergencies. This emergency lighting automatically illuminates when there is a power outage in the building and gives relief to the individuals inside the elevator.


Apart from these, there are many other safety features of a home elevator, such as a handrail, a lockable control panel, a safety sensor, and more. They can help make a home elevator more efficient and safe during the time of a breakdown or glitch.