Integra Technologies to carry virtually 2,000 jobs to Wichita – KWCH

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Integra Technologies, one of the top leading engineering and technical services specialists, has recently announced plans to establish a new Engineering Center of Excellence in Wichita, Kansas. This center will create nearly 2,000 jobs for the local community, providing a much-needed boost to the city’s economy.

The new Engineering Center of Excellence is part of a $500 million investment in Integra Technologies’ presence in Wichita. The new center is expected to bring countless benefits to the local economy, such as an influx of technological expertise and knowledge, an increase in new job opportunities, and a more diversified and broader range of technical services.

In a statement, Integra Technologies CEO, Pete Maskell, praised the city of Wichita for its commitment to innovation and for its business-friendly environment. He said, “Wichita is the ideal city for Integra to expand our reach and create a new Engineering Center of Excellence.”

In addition to the jobs created by the new Engineering Center of Excellence, Integra Technologies plans to expand its other Wichita operations over the next five years. This expansion is expected to create an additional 1,700 jobs and attract new companies to the city.

The investment in Wichita’s economy by Integra Technologies promises to be an incredible asset to residents of the city. With an increase in jobs and more specialized services, people in the local community are sure to benefit greatly from this recent development. It is a clear sign of confidence in the future of Wichita’s economy.

Integra Systems to deliver practically 2,000 careers to Wichita  KWCH

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