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Traveling on Indian trains is an experience like no other. The scenery, the camaraderie, and the excitement of exploring new destinations make train journeys a popular choice for travelers. However, one aspect that has often been a cause for concern is the availability and quality of food on trains. Indian Railways has taken note of this issue and has come up with a solution to provide affordable food options for passengers. In this blog post, we will delve into the need for such options, the initiatives taken by Indian Railways, the benefits of these services, and how passengers can avail themselves of them.

The Need for Affordable Food Options on Indian Trains

The current state of food availability and pricing on Indian trains leaves much to be desired. Passengers often find themselves at the mercy of unhygienic and overpriced food options. This not only affects the overall experience but also poses health risks to travelers. Therefore, it is crucial for Indian Railways to address this issue and provide better and more affordable food options.

Introduction of Affordable Food Services by Indian Railways

Recognizing the need for improvement, Indian Railways has taken several steps to enhance the quality and affordability of food on trains. One of the significant initiatives is the setting up of onboard kitchens in select trains. These kitchens are equipped to prepare fresh and hygienic meals for passengers. Additionally, Indian Railways has also introduced e-catering services, which allow passengers to order food from reputed food chains at their convenience. These tie-ups ensure that passengers have access to a wide variety of cuisines, ensuring that their taste buds are satisfied throughout the journey.

Benefits and Features of the New Food Services

Passengers can now enjoy a host of benefits with the introduction of these affordable food services. Firstly, the meals are prepared in hygienic conditions, ensuring the health and well-being of travelers. The availability of a wide variety of cuisines caters to the diverse preferences of passengers. Whether you crave North Indian delicacies, order jain food in train, South Indian flavors, or even international cuisine, these services have got you covered. Moreover, passengers can customize their meals according to their preferences, ensuring a personalized dining experience. The services also cater to special dietary requirements, such as vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free options, making it accessible for everyone.

How to Avail Affordable Food Services on Trains?

Availing oneself of these affordable food services is a breeze. Passengers have multiple options to choose from, depending on their preferences and convenience. One can book meals online or through mobile apps before boarding the train, ensuring that the food is delivered directly to their seats. Alternatively, passengers can pre-order their meals at specific stations along their journey. This allows for flexibility and ensures that passengers have access to freshly prepared meals. When booking, passengers can choose from a range of meal options, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, ensuring that everyone’s preferences are catered to.


Feedback Mechanisms and Improvements

Indian Railways values passenger feedback and considers it instrumental in improving their services. To ensure that passengers can provide suggestions or complaints regarding the food services, various feedback mechanisms have been put in place. Passengers can approach the onboard staff or the e-catering service providers to share their experiences. Additionally, Indian Railways has set up dedicated helplines and online platforms for passengers to provide feedback. This feedback is taken seriously, and improvements are made based on the valuable insights shared by passengers.


Indian Railways’ initiative to provide affordable food options for passengers on trains is a significant step towards enhancing the overall travel experience. By recognizing the need for improvement and introducing various initiatives, Indian Railways ensures that passengers have access to good quality, hygienic, and affordable meals during their journeys. With the wide variety of cuisines, customizable options, and consideration for special dietary requirements, these services cater to the diverse preferences of passengers. We encourage all travelers to make use of these services and enjoy a pleasant dining experience on their train journeys.



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