“I’m Never ever Likely Back”

Have you ever been so fed up with a place or situation that they are ready to say “I’m never ever going back”? Believe it or not, this sentiment is absolutely understandable and should be respected.

Life is full of difficult times, and sometimes one might feel overwhelmed by the stress of it all. You might also find yourself in an environment which is inefficient or unfriendly where you simply cannot reach a comfortable level. In such cases, it’s ok to just walk away.

This doesn’t have to be seen as quitting, but can be understood as a recognition of the high standards a person expects from themselves and from the environment around them.

It’s also important to note that there is a difference between walking away from a situation due to disagreeing heartily with it, and simply leaving because one is feeling too exhausted or fed up to deal with it any longer.

When someone says, “I’m never ever going back,” they are asserting their right to draw the boundaries of places or situations with which they are no longer comfortable.

Perhaps they are looking after their own mental health, or maybe they no longer wish to be associated with something unsavory or unethical.

Whatever their reason may be, the person should never be judged for feeling the need to move away from a situation which no longer works for them.

In most cases, life is too short to remain in uncomfortable places or situations for too long. It is important to remain self-aware of when a place is not giving you the kind of environment that allows you to thrive, and to be brave enough to make the decision to move on.

After all, the phrase “I’m never ever going back” is a proclamation of empowerment, a reminder that you can choose to protect yourself, respect your boundaries and assert your right to bring some much-needed change. [ad_1]

"I'm Never Going Back"

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