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Today, I had the pleasure of trying out a new type of head spa treatment that has recently taken the beauty and wellness industry by storm – the Nicely+Superior Japanese Head Spa Treatment.

It is a unique spa experience that originated in Tokyo, Japan, and combines traditional relaxation methods with modern technology.

The treatment promises to restore your energy, reduce stress, improve sleep, and revitalize your mind and body. It all takes place in a soothing atmosphere, with calming scents and soothing music.

The treatment begins with a gentle foot massage and a special scalp massage that helps relax your head and neck muscles. This is followed by a carefully chosen selection of custom-formulated oils intended to suit your needs, including lemongrass, peppermint, jasmine, and rosemary.

The spa experience then continues with the application of a calming, nutrient-rich facial mask followed by a gentle light-therapy treatment. This combination helps to improve circulation and reduce stress for improved concentration and focus.

The most outstanding part of the experience is the final relaxation phase, where a special device is used to give you a breakthrough experience of peace and serenity.

Overall, my experience with the Nicely+Superior Japanese Head Spa Treatment was exquisite. The gentle scalp and foot massage, the selection of custom oils used, along with the light therapy and facial mask, really provided me with an unparalleled sense of relaxation.

The combination of modern technology with traditional techniques is certainly worth trying out if you’re looking for a truly luxurious spa experience. [ad_1]

BeautyTok has influenced me to test all types of out-of-the-standard remedies. Getting my lashes utilized by a robotic, plunging my facial area into cold h2o for the sake of clearer skin—the list goes on and on—but nothing I’ve attempted feels fairly as extreme as touring 300+ miles for the sake of a viral scalp massage.

After noticing a handful of extremely-sensorial movies on my TikTok For You webpage that showcased Japanese head spa treatment options (as of this crafting, #headspa has 168 million views on the app), I was tempted to give my scalp a very little TLC of its possess. So—for the sake of investigation and the sorry point out of my strands (and simply because there is not presently a head spa in my residence metropolis of San Francisco)—I flew to Los Angeles for an appointment with Sayuri Tchushitani at Head Spa EN in search of far better hair times.

What is a Japanese Head Spa?

However head spas have only not long ago come to be well known in the West, they’ve extensive been widespread across Asia, and offer you therapeutic massages that promote a healthful scalp, sturdy hair, much better snooze, anxiety relief, and additional.

The treatment itself focuses on the scalp and hair. “It entails deep thoroughly clean, detox, massage to nourish the scalp and hair,” states Keiko Uehara, co-founder and CEO of Blow Me Absent Natural Salon and Head Spa in Los Angeles. “It incorporates Japanese massage technique with organic products and solutions to stimulate blood flow and advertise wholesome hair development.”

The expression ‘head spa’ is made use of interchangeably to explain both of those the salon and the procedure itself, and its origins can be traced back again to Ayurvedic drugs in India, which has extended relied on herbs and oils for hair development and to nourish the scalp.

“In Japan, hair is regarded an important component of splendor and grooming, and having treatment of the scalp is witnessed as an integral part of maintaining wholesome and lovely hair,” explains Uehara, “It is a tradition in Japan to receive a head massage even though carrying out other hair treatments and that contributed to the growth of head spa in that spot.”

Developing up in Japan, Tchushitani figured out firsthand about the benefits of these therapies. But when she became a hairstylist in the West (namely in New York, London, and Los Angeles), she observed a inclination to deal with up scalp problems with around-the-counter creams and agony relievers as a substitute of dealing with the root bring about. “Many treatment plans place band-aids on the issue rather than dealing with the trouble at the supply,” she claims.

So she made the decision to open up a head spa of her possess that would offer you a additional holistic solution to hair treatment than what we have customarily observed in the US. “Stress results in much more troubles than we give it credit rating for, and the head spa is a little sanctuary from all of that,” she suggests.

The added benefits of Japanese head spas

Your reason for viewing a head spa could assortment from treating stubborn dandruff to relaxing your intellect soon after a long working day. No matter of why you are interested, we crack down all of the gains under.

Beauty positive aspects

Scalp issues are a main attract for head spas. Discomfort, dryness, extreme oiliness, and dandruff are difficulties that Tchushitani sees all the time. She sights the head spa remedy as a reset button for your scalp. A balanced scalp helps facilitate healthy hair, so people normally notice an boost in glow and luster just after their treatment method.

Further than that, head spas are said to motivate hair development. Though there is restricted study on the subject matter, Kari Williams, MD, a board-accredited trichologist, certified cosmetologist, and all-natural hair specialist, sees the connection. “Sustaining healthful hair advancement is supported as a result of the use of solutions that will keep the scalp and hair follicles absolutely free of buildup and sustain healthy blood circulation in the scalp,” she suggests. “So in that way, these individual scalp care practices do assist and boost wholesome hair development.”

That staying said, Tiffany Libby, MD, a board-licensed skin doctor based mostly in Rhode Island, cautions in opposition to applying this as a treatment for a clinical affliction. “It sounds wonderful, and appears to be a self-care follow that is a ‘nice-to-have’ not a ‘must-have,’” she suggests.

Holistic positive aspects

For Tchushitani, the added benefits of Head Spa increase beyond cosmetics. Sure, shiny strands and a fuller mane are almost nothing to sneeze at, but she is a lot much more interested in the tension relief and slumber aid facet outcomes.

In her home state of Japan, sleeplessness rates are some of the highest in the world. When she obtained to the US, she recognized the circumstance was not a great deal much better. “People do not notice how negatively strain impacts their life,” she claims, “It is so significant to discover tiny methods to mitigate stress in your daily routines.”

That is where by the head spa will come in. Her consumers variety from young adults seeking out stress and anxiety aid to center-aged adult males fighting insomnia. No matter of why they look for out the procedure, most of Tchushitani’s consumers doze off within the initially 10 minutes. Uehara also notes how the apply can assistance ease pressure and worry in the head and neck.

What transpired when I attempted it

At Tchushitani’s salon, my head spa encounter commenced with a consultation. Utilizing a microscope, she combed through my component and showed me near-up photographs of my scalp. Pink patches all-around my crown meant discomfort, although oily clumps all around my hairline meant build-up. Luckily, Tchushitani confident me that this was absolutely nothing a minimal cleaning couldn’t manage.

In its place of leaping straight away into shampooing, Tchushitani followed the session with a neck and shoulder therapeutic massage that involved scorching stones, a soothing seem equipment, and a dimly lit area. She described that quite a few of her clients slide asleep through the treatment method, which I could certainly relate to as my very own eyelids begun to get major (but for the sake of this tale, I stayed awake).

Future, it was time for the wash. Contrary to at salons, where water often drips down your brow and suds make their way into your eyes, Tchushitani was meticulous. Her nimble fingers ran across my hairline with precision, generating a smaller moat for extra h2o, and promptly returned to the back of my head, her knuckles lifting, pressing, and shaking until the suds completely retreated.

Then arrived the steaming action, which is what normally receives TikTok voyeurs commenting, “I require this in my lifestyle!” Tchushitani connected an additional-substantial steaming bonnet to my head to open up the pores on my scalp to enable for a deeper thoroughly clean. From there, she gave me a deeper and more concerned therapeutic massage, which was almost nothing quick of awesome (seriously—the shampoo-move therapeutic massage does not even review to this extended edition). As soon as once more, I struggled to preserve my eyes open up even though she rubbed and tapped at neglected regions of my scalp.

I inevitably arrived out of my haze when she concluded with however yet another neck and shoulder massage which was amazing even nevertheless it signaled the conclusion of my aspiration point out.

Tchushitani was gracious enough to end my remedy with a blowout, which is accessible for an further charge. To cap things off, she finished the appointment by revisiting my scalp underneath the microscope, which revealed that my pink places had returned to their normal shade of peach and the oily blobs experienced vanished. As an extra bonus, my blowout appeared bouncy and complete.


The expense for the procedure may differ, but at Head Spa EN, Tchushitani gives two solutions. The 40-moment costs $110 and the 60-minute fees $150 with an added $60 charge for a blowout.

Scalp helpful products

If this procedure seems like what you will need but you simply cannot come across a salon around you, don’t fret. These products boost a wholesome scalp surroundings, and a minimal Do-it-yourself-scalp therapeutic massage can assist you replicate the enjoyable atmosphere of a head spa in your have bathroom.

Check out a (quite disgusting, however oddly gratifying) scalp facial:

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