I Ship My Brother Hard cash for Emergencies, but He Spends It on Vacations. Assist!

“If you’re sending your brother hard cash for emergencies but he’s instead spending it on vacations, you’re likely feeling frustrated. Financial issues can be a source of tension between siblings, so the best way to ensure your brother is using the money as intended is to look at how you can modify the way you two interact financially.

First and foremost, set clear expectations. Tell your brother that you are sending him money for emergencies only and discuss what qualifies as an emergency and what doesn’t. Make sure both of you are on the same page about expectations and that he understands that the money he is receiving is only for special occurrences.

Second, decide how you both will track what he is spending. Open up a shared checking account online, or set up a tracking system, like Mint, to keep tabs on his spendings. This way, you can be sure that any transactions you see he’s making are in line with the pre-agreed-on emergency use of the money.

Third, look at how you can incentivize responsible actions. Consider attaching rewards to his use of your money as an emergency fund, such as gift cards as a reward for not spending the money on vacations, or offer to match any money he saves in the emergency fund up to a certain amount. Rewards can act as motivation to ensure your brother is using the money responsibly.

Finally, make sure to stay in touch frequently and foster an open dialogue. Financial conversations can be tense, so it is important to discuss them in a civil manner, with both of you listening to each other. It’s important for you both to check in about the emergency fund every now and then to make sure it is being used for its intended purpose.

Sending your brother hard cash for emergencies can be an effective way to provide support, but it can also be tricky. By agreeing to expectations, tracking his spending, offering rewards, and having open dialogue, you can ensure the money is used as intended. This will help ease the tension between the two of you and take the stress out of sending money for emergencies.” [ad_1]

My brother and his wife live on a fastened earnings. They make finishes satisfy by undertaking grocery searching for a food-shipping and delivery services. I never feel they have any financial savings. (Their latest monetary condition seems substantially distinctive from their past marriages: There was a good deal of revenue then.) When I can afford to pay for to, I send out them checks to make their life much easier. I learned just lately that they applied some of the income I sent to acquire a journey to Europe. When my brother termed to thank me, I carefully informed him that I give them cash for emergencies — for sudden medical payments and the like. Before I send out them any additional funds, how can I make absolutely sure they will use it as a protection internet — but with no dictating how they shell out it?


Enable me very first admit your generous concern for your brother and his spouse. Looking at you zigzag by means of your dilemma, while, it appears as if you want it the two means: to give them openhanded items (which recipients are free of charge to use as they decide on, together with on European jaunts and Fabergé eggs) and to handle how they spend your cash. Just before you send yet another examine, make your mind up what you want.

There is nothing erroneous with calling your brother to say: “Please tell me to butt out if you like, but I fret about your economic safety. If you at any time have an unexpected emergency and cannot spend an important invoice, you should permit me know, and I will check out to pitch in.” From a length, this appears to be to be what you want to do: help defend them with out getting to be their lender or fairy godmother.

But to keep on giving them money and then sensation resentful when they devote it otherwise from how you imagined, is not fair to any of you — specially supplied your hazy feeling of their financial issue and prudence. Who understands? Your brother may be grateful to have a backstop for emergencies.

My boyfriend and I have been courting for two years. We have had all the critical talks you would consider: our timeline for marriage and kids, in which we’ll stay, our monetary targets. So, I was shocked when one particular topic blew up in our faces: I want to hyphenate our kids’ surnames — his-title-then-mine or vice versa. He refuses, and it could be a deal breaker for us. I want my family’s legacy and my identity to be portion of our children’s names, and not just their middle identify. His only argument is that it’s “not standard.” How can I get him to fully grasp how vital this is to me?


Well, presumably, you’ve advised him it is significant to you, yes? I am much less worried, frankly, about the surnames of your unborn kids than I am by your boyfriend’s failure to engage with you meaningfully. This is a problem of gender equality, in my viewpoint, and his lazy reliance on tradition is troubling, in particular when that tradition has historically been made use of to sideline females.

Will he count on you to shoulder all the kid treatment and domestic labor, for instance, due to the fact it was “traditional” for quite a few of our mothers to do so? Your boyfriend may be aces, and this could be an isolated problem, but if it demonstrates his general willingness to talk and compromise, consider two times ahead of marrying him.

The daughter of near close friends life in New York City. She introduced that she and her fiancé were eloping to a fancy resort out of state. No friends had been invited. On their return, they invited us to a meal reception at an pricey restaurant in New York, and — oh, yes — it will be black-tie. So now, we are envisioned to obtain a tux and a gown, travel to yet another condition and remain at a lodge at New York prices — all without the reward of attending an precise marriage ceremony. Your thoughts?

Relatives Mate

Again it up, good friend! Offered your obvious distress at the mere prospect of touring to New York to be fed a cost-free supper at an expensive cafe, I can only envision your palpitations at having to go to a wedding day at “a extravagant vacation resort out of point out.” Let us turn it down a notch, Alright?

You ended up invited to supper. Which is all. (It is most likely in New York since that’s exactly where the bridal pair lives.) Refuse the invitation politely if you never want to shell out for a tuxedo rental, a hotel for the night or for any other rationale. No one particular wants a grouchy guest — not even near buddies.

My son joined a competitive athletics group on which most of the gamers arrive from households of modest suggests. My spouse and I quite like the other mother and father and would like to socialize with them. We are somewhat effectively off, with a big dwelling and a cottage at a close by lake. Would invites to either of these destinations be construed as flaunting our prosperity?


The dad and mom of your son’s teammates are probably conscious that some people in the planet are superior off than they are. If you and your wife concentration on building your guests come to feel really welcome in your properties, then I predict which is how they will come to feel. Go for it!

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