How Turning out to be a Single Father Prompted Jacob to Target on His Health and fitness

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Jacob Williams never dreamed he would be raising a daughter on his own. When he and his wife separated, Jacob was thrown into the role of single dad. Unexpectedly, this difficult transition also became a personal health turning point in his life.

The divorce was an emotional and stressful experience for Jacob and his daughter. Despite the hardship of this situation, Jacob was determined to remain focused and motivated for the sake of his daughter. His newfound determination spilled into other areas of life, in particular, his health.

Jacob had always been a little overweight, but he now found the drive to transform his body. He began a daily exercise regimen and upped his nutritional game. Taking the initiative to cook for himself after being accustomed to relying on restaurants for meals put him in an even better position to eat healthily.

Keeping himself in shape gave Jacob an emotional as well as physical benefit. He felt a greater sense of confidence from the hard work he put in. Equally as valuable, a study conducted at the University of Wisconsin concluded that exercising and eating right can have a positive effect on one’s mental well-being, reducing anxiety and providing better overall mental health.

Jacob was pleased with his results and was now bringing a positive sense of energy to his daughter. He wanted her to be proud of him and to look up to him as an example of someone determined to take control of his life and reach his goals.

The calling of single fatherhood proved difficult, yet also ultimately rewarding to Jacob and his daughter. With his newfound motivation and discipline, Jacob led by example and proved that there was more to life than what was dealt to him. Through his transformation, Jacob was a source of inspiration to those around him, even if he was unaware of it.

How Becoming a Single Dad Prompted Jacob to Focus on His Health

When Jacob’s spouse was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he knew his well being needed to choose to start with precedence for the sake of their two children.

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