How to See Facebook Story Anonymously?

How to See Facebook Story Anonymously?

Today, Facebook has become immensely popular among businessmen and individuals and is a great place to stay connected with family or friends, follow celebrities, and watch various videos shared by other users. It allows users to share photos or videos and see the posts shared by anyone on Facebook.

Users can watch posts, videos, or stories shared by anyone due to the immensely popular feature of Facebook Stories, which usually appears above your newsfeed and in the stories section of the Messenger app.

Anyone can view the stories shared, and the content creator will be able to know who has seen their stories.

Although the story shared on Facebook will be visible only for 24 hours, you have limited time to view Facebook stories. In certain instances, you may want to view Facebook stories without letting the content creator know.

This post will guide you on how to view Facebook story anonymously. So, let’s get straight into it.

How to View a Facebook Story Anonymously 

Viewing someone’s Facebook story anonymously might be pretty daunting to you, and you are looking for ways to view a Facebook story anonymously.

If so, you are in luck; you can do so.

There are a variety of ways to view someone’s Facebook story anonymously. 

Enable Airplane Mode

One of the easiest and most effective tricks to view Facebook Stories anonymously is to enable Airplane Mode on your device. By enabling airplane mode, you will not be seen as active on the internet and will not be able to see Facebook stories without being online. In this way, you will not be enlisted in the viewers’ list and can view anyone’s story without letting them know.

For this, log on to your Facebook, toggle airplane mode, go to stories, and watch your desired story without being enlisted on the viewer’s list.

Half-Swipe When Viewing Any Story

Being a Facebook Story anonymous viewer, you can move on to another trick, which is half-swiping. Half-swiping lets you see a preview of the story instead of the complete story. It is very effective for viewing pictures, but you cannot view the complete video; just thumbnails will appear.

Using this method, you won’t be able to view the full story, but rather a glimpse of the Facebook stories.

For this: Log in to Facebook. Put your fingers on the story you want to view. Swipe left or right before ending the video or story.

By Temporarily Blocking Them

To view someone’s Facebook story anonymously, you can try blocking the content creator temporarily after viewing their story. Using this method, you will be able to view the complete story without notifying the content creator, as you have blocked them. But this method has some risks: the person you have blocked will be permanently removed from your contact list. Try this method if you are okay with it. They cannot message you until you unblock them within 24 hours.

So, the aforementioned methods are the most effective and straightforward way to view Facebook Stories anonymously.

Bottom Line

Moreover, there are a variety of third-party Facebook story anonymous viewers available on the web that you can use to see Facebook stories anonymously.