How to Order and Use a Cash App Card? A Comprehensive Guide?

How to Order and Use a Cash App Card? A Comprehensive Guide?

Sometimes things slip away from us in the hustle and bustle of daily life. It happened to Simmi John when she lost her Cash App card. But fret not, for Simmi’s story is about resilience and discovery. In this blog, we’ll walk alongside Simmi as she orders a new Cash App card. We’ll unravel the steps for how to order a new Cash App card and learn more about a Cash App debit card. 

How to Order a New Cash App Card?

The process of ordering a new Cash App Card is straightforward and completed directly through the app:

  1. Launch the Cash App: Open the Cash App on your mobile device and log in. 
  2. Access the Card Section: Tap on the “Card” icon at the bottom of the screen and open the Card section of the app.
  3. Order a New Card: You will see an option to order a new card the first time or lose your existing card. Follow the on-screen instructions to initiate the ordering process.
  4. Personalise Your Card: You get the space to choose the design of your new Cash App Card. Choose the design that fits into your preferences.
  5. Confirm and Review: Review the details of your order, including the design you’ve chosen. Make sure everything is correct. 
  6. Provide Shipping Details: Enter the address to deliver your new Cash App Card. Double-check the address details to ensure that your card reaches the correct destination.
  7. Confirm Order: Complete the order process once you review and confirm all the details. You might need to wait a few days for the card to be produced and shipped to you.

Now you know how to order a new Cash App card if lost, learn how to use a Cash App debit card. 

Tips for Using Your Cash App Card:

  1. Link to Your Cash App Account: After receiving your new Cash App Card, open the app and follow the instructions to link the card to your Cash App account. This step is mandatory to connect your Cash App to your available funds.  
  2. PIN Security: Your Cash App Card comes with a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Keep this PIN secure so that you should share it with anyone. It acts as a safeguard for your funds.
  3. Point of Sale Purchases: You can use your Cash App Card and purchase at various retail locations and online stores. When making a purchase, select “Debit” and enter your PIN, if required.
  4. Cash Withdrawals: The Cash App Card allows you to withdraw cash from ATMs. Be aware of any associated fees for ATM withdrawals and choose ATMs within the Cash App network for fee-free transactions.
  5. Monitor Transactions: Keep a close eye on your transactions using the Cash App mobile app. It helps you stay on top of your spending and ensures that there are no unauthorised activities.

Benefits of Using a Cash App Card:

We hope you understand the steps for how to order a new Cash App card because we want you to experience the benefits of using a Cash App debit card. 

  1. Instant Access to Funds: With the Cash App Card, you can access the funds in your account. Useful for situations where merchants don’t accept digital payments.
  2. Budgeting and Control: The card allows you to set a specific amount for spending, helping you maintain better control over your budget. You’re only spending what’s on the card.
  3. Cash Boosts: Cash App often offers a feature called “Cash Boosts,” which provides discounts at selected merchants when you use your Cash App Card for payments.
  4. No Hidden Fees: Cash App is known for its transparency regarding fees. While there might be some nominal charges, they are clear and easily accessible in the app.
  5. FDIC Insured: Your Cash App Card is issued by Sutton Bank, making it FDIC-insured and adds a layer of security

Lost Cash App Card: What to Do:

Losing your Cash App Card can be concerning, but there are steps you can take to address the situation, and use the above steps for how to order a new Cash App card if lost. 

  1. Pause the Card: If you suspect your card is lost, you can pause it within the Cash App. It prevents any unauthorised transactions from occurring.
  2. Contact Support: Get in touch with Cash App’s customer support asap. They can guide you through ordering a new card and securing your account.
  3. Monitor Activity: Regularly check your Cash App account for any unauthorised transactions. If you notice anything suspicious, report it to the support team immediately.


The Cash App Card is a powerful tool that enhances the convenience and versatility of the Cash App platform. It seamlessly combines digital transactions with physical spending with easy steps to order a new card, tips for efficient usage, and benefits. By staying vigilant and following best practices, you can make the most of your Cash App Card while keeping your finances secure.