How to Draw A Colorful Drawing Easily

How to Draw A Colorful Drawing Easily

How to Draw A Colorful Drawing. There are usually two main aspects to any design. The first aspect is the design itself, while the second is usually the colors added.

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Adding some eye-catching colors can often amp up a design and make it even more beautiful, and that’s exactly what we will explore in this guide.

Learning to draw colorfully is a great way to express yourself artistically! If this sounds like something you’d like to learn, the tutorial in front of you is just the ticket.

Our step-by-step guide to creating a colorful drawing in 6 easy steps will show you everything you need to know to create vibrant works of art.

How to Draw A Colorful Drawing

Step 1

In this guide to creating a colorful drawing, we will introduce you to a pretty flower drawing to color in. This is drawn in several layers to create a beautiful overall picture.

For this first step, you can start by drawing a circle for the center of the image. You could try doing this freehand, but it’s also much easier to do using a tool like a compass.

You can then add different shapes of smaller petals around this round center. Finally, we’ll draw five large, rounded petals to create a border around this shape.

You can also use the compass to help you with these sections. Once drawn, we can start the next layer in step 2.

Step 2

You’ll add more layers to this beautiful image in this step of your color drawing. First, we draw some details inside the areas in the last step.

You can start by drawing a smaller circle inside the center circle you already have.

Then, add another rounded line inside each rounded petal from the previous step.

Finally, as shown in the reference image, we’ll add a curved petal shape between each indentation of these rounded petals.

Step 3

Now, in this third step of our guide to creating a colorful design, we will add some larger petals to the outer layer of the design.

Each of these petals begins and ends on the outline of the large, rounded petals in the center of the image. However, these new ones will be larger and have a pointed tip at the end.

Another line is also drawn on the inner perimeter of each petal. Once you’ve drawn those big petals, go to the next level in step 4!

Step 4

Before we add a new layer to this colorful drawing, let’s first add some details to the layers already drawn.

We’ll add some vein detail to some of the smaller, curved leaves sticking out from the center of the image.

You can then draw some curved lines in the large petals you drew in the previous step to give them more texture detail.

Once everyone is drawn, the next step is for us to add the finishing touches!

Step 5

In the final step of this guide to creating a colorful drawing, it’s almost time to add the main colors to the image!

The finishing details we used in our example are simple but effective in completing the floral design. We’ve added some long, curved lines to the outer edge of the image to create prettier petals.

Once these are added, you can create other unique details as well! You can add more layers to this design or create ae new one.

If you’re particularly creative, you can challenge yourself to add layers until the entire page is filled.

Step 6

All the steps in this guide have led to this. This is the step where you can give life to this colorful drawing with awesome colors!

In our reference image, we only showed you one way to colorize this image.

We wanted this image to be beautiful and vibrant and used warm and cool color combinations.

You could also take this approach, but you should also let your creativity run wild when choosing the colors for this awesome design!

Colors can help bring your feelings and personality to an image, so this is a step where you should let your color choices flow naturally.

Choosing the artistic mediums you use for the colors can also help the colors pop. So that’s fun too!

Your Colorful Drawing is Finished!