How To Commit a Long Weekend, By Your Zodiac Indication

Long weekends can be a great chance to relax and rejuvenate. Some prefer to take trips to far-flung locations, while some opt for the comfort of the home. Whatever you decide to do, your zodiac sign can play a role in giving you ideas for your weekend to make it more successful and memorable. Here is a guide to committing a long weekend, tailored to your zodiac sign:

Aries: You are an independent and daring spirit and adventure is almost certainly on your agenda. You’re always looking for something exciting and new, and you crave the chance to go on a spontaneous journey. You might consider a camping trip to escape the city and reconnect with nature.

Taurus: You are highly tied to nature and deeply drawn to its soothing calm. Take your long weekend and explore a lush city park or visit a an outdoor wine country for some peaceful leisure time. Make sure to pick up some luxurious snacks along the way.

Gemini: You have a variety of interests and the ability to learn about a wide range of topics in a short period of time. Try an interactive museum or an art workshop and explore some of your creative sides. Alternatively, take a city walking tour and soak up some of the local culture.

Cancer: Your strong sense of nostalgia shines through every long weekend. To make it a truly memorable weekend, cook yourself a warm and homey meal, throw on some timeless tunes and curl up with a book. For extra cozy vibes, hold a reader’s circle with your closest friends and family.

Leo: No one loves classic elegance quite like you. Take a train to a nearby classic city and investigate the city’s high-end restaurants and iconic theaters while exuding an air of sophistication. The theaters in particular are sure to bring out your big love of drama and pageantry.

Virgo: With your admirable planning and organizational skills, you could tackle some of the minutiae of your life and use this time to get things done in a very relaxing way. It may feel like a marathon, but be sure to take breaks every now and again in order to enjoy a few treats.

Libra: Your charming and sociable ways draw people to you. As you are very inclined towards partnership, round up some friends and take your long weekend to the beach. Take a few beach yoga classes for some activity time, lay out on the sand for some relaxation and then socialize the night away.

Scorpio: You have a tendency to find the magic and mysticism in any situation. Use the occasion of your long weekend to visit a place of spiritual or religious importance, or attend a tarot reading and reconnect with your inner self.

Sagittarius: You enjoy exploring the world and uncovering interesting new places. Book a last minute surprise flight or head to a remote location. This will allow you the freedom to wander the streets and see what the world has to offer in its smallest parts.

Capricorn: You like to make sure everything is functioning in working order, and you spend a lot of time organizing and scheduling. Take some much needed down time and throw yourself into some creative endeavors. This can be a great outlet for your natural organizational reflex and give you room to express yourself.

Aquarius: You have a very artistic side and are always looking for new and exciting things to learn about. Why don’t you sign up for a new hobby class? This can be an exciting way of sprucing up your weekend and learning about a new skill.

Pisces: You have an exciting and romantic side, but you also need time to take it easy and recharge your batteries. Winding down with a romantic getaway to a quaint bed and breakfast could be just the ticket you need to let go and relax. Don’t forget to pack some soothing spa supplies.

No matter how you decide to spend your long weekend, make it a personal experience and tailor it to your own zodiac sign. With some creativity and planning, you are sure to make weekends to remember.

The break from perform and potential discretionary time that a prolonged weekend enables for is a attractive matter. But there are any quantity of techniques you may well devote that time, and depending on your character and choices, selected matters may well superior fill your cup than others. For occasion, if you skew introverted, you might not feel additional rested and rejuvenated if you devote your more working day to web hosting a get together. To enable you pinpoint the most cosmically-aligned way to invest the time, even though, take into account an astrologer’s suggestions for how each and every zodiac indicator can finest spend a lengthy weekend.

On a long weekend—particularly this approaching weekend, which is three times for people today whose careers notice President’s Day—the identify of the video game for every zodiac indicator is self care. Extra specially, it really is self care devoted to carrying out pursuits you enjoy and shelling out time with folks who make you really feel superior.

“If you have an added day off, consider about what points you can do that make you sense excellent on the within.” —Maria Sofia Marmanides, astrologer

This weekend, Venus is in Pisces, and in accordance to astrologer Maria Sofia Marmanides, this placement is its “absolute beloved signal to be in.” Venus is the earth of love, but it really is about additional than just romance: It encompasses adore and splendor in all varieties, which extends to how we enjoy ourselves and the men and women close to us, and what we do to nourish that. “If you have an added working day off, consider about what factors you can do that make you come to feel fantastic on the within, since Venus is all about adding a small bit of additional enjoyment to our times,” suggests Marmanides.

Monday, February 20, which is the future date a amount of people may possibly have off perform, is interesting astrologically in its possess ideal. There is a new moon in Pisces, and Venus enters Aries. In accordance to Alexandria Lettman, astrologer and founder of religious-wellness platform Jupiter Jewel, “the power is really considerably geared toward making time to have pleasurable, be creative and be adventurous,” she says. “Usually for most people, it is a incredibly favourable, optimistic, and passionate strength.”

So, how can you improve the electricity of this exciting-loving, self-loving weekend? Marmanides implies optimizing your day with your Venus sign in mind, as its electricity corresponds with self really like and self care. Lettman implies reading for your sunshine or mounting indication. For the most holistic look at of options you could take into consideration for your extensive weekend, although, study for all 3. (You should not know your birth chart by coronary heart? Plug your delivery date, time, and spot into a totally free beginning chart generator, like this a person.) Browse on for how every zodiac indicator need to commit the further day of this long weekend.

The best way for each zodiac signal to invest extra time on a extended weekend, in accordance to astrologers


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

For this fiery sign, Lettman suggests paying out the additional day resting and recharging their batteries, which could incorporate catching up on rest. Their cherished kinds may also fork out closer focus to them, so Aries must be all set for that, far too. “They will not have to be the ones initiating a little something, so they should really just permit people arrive to them,” she suggests.


Taurus would be clever to commit the additional working day with good friends, due to the fact Venus is in their 12th residence, which focuses on social teams. “Taurus should really undoubtedly not devote this a single by itself,” Marmanides suggests. Hook up with some others, irrespective of whether it is as a result of a planned meal or brunch or just conference up for a walk or a coffee it is also a wonderful time to reach out to a good friend you haven’t found or heard from in a while.


Geminis, ever the multitaskers, can invest their more day productively, but not executing duties that are obligations. Rather, use the day to further more a passion, Lettman suggests. “They just are full of strategies about new goals that they can attempt towards, and they’re employing their thoughts,” she suggests.

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According to Lettman, this is a very “free-spirited day” for Cancer, and they should do what ever they come to feel like carrying out when they wake up that early morning. A person cosmically aligned way for them to expend the working day would be to start a new e-book, “whether it is having missing in a tale or looking through a little something from a self-assistance point of view to make them feel wiser,” she says.


The further working day off is a golden possibility for Leos to stray from their routines and do some thing pleasurable and adventurous. “Go to a new neighborhood in your city or a nearby town, or go on a highway vacation,” Lettman indicates.


For Virgo, this extra working day is 1 for like, passion, and romance. Paired Virgos should really expend time with their S.O. by preparing a day evening either at residence or out they could even prepare a romantic weekend getaway. For the reason that Venus is transiting the sign’s seventh property, Marmanides says single Virgos must contemplate joining a courting app, connecting with a matchmaker, or telling friends that they are on the industry.


It is time for Libra to run errands and catch up on their routines. “They’re likely to be incredibly enthusiastic to deal with their to-do checklist, and they’re not heading to come to feel annoyed about it,” Lettman says. Heading at their own rate will deliver them peace.

Nevertheless, Marmanides endorses breaking up the schedule a bit on this extra working day. Go on a hike, consider out a diverse coffee store, check out a new going for walks route, or have lunch at a new restaurant.


At any time the competitor, Scorpios really should spend the day carrying out a thing fun and aggressive, like enjoying a sport. It truly is also a great time for Scorpios to faucet into their creativity, which could be arms-on, like crafting, or fingers-off, like heading to the movie theater.

The day’s strength is lighthearted, far too, and could possibly contain children, if you have them. If you never, Lettman suggests an activity that “brings out the inner kid’s youthful and playful electricity.”


This is a peaceful day Sagittarius ought to invest meaningfully. That can indicate taking time to make it a working day to chill out and recharge, Marmanides says. Or, Lettman states it’s also a very good time to date, primarily if Sag is earning the very first transfer.


An extra working day off is the excellent time for this ambitious indication to allow unfastened and expend the day close to house. Lettman claims Caps ought to remain community, whether that is being at dwelling or hanging all around their community. Expending excellent time with beloved close friends and family is also on the docket. “They’re most possible to expend time lazing about the house in their pajamas, and they must do that without shame,” she provides.


It is time for Aquarius to do almost everything they mentioned they’d do on their self-care to-do record that’s fallen by the wayside. For some inspo, Lettman suggests you “start the day with a encounter mask, do every single action in the pores and skin-treatment regimen, do the meditation and the day by day stretches.” If that’s not your self-care type, commit time at your favored sites, be that a most loved park or cafe.


It’s their time, so Pisces should handle them selves with some retail remedy and acquire one thing they like and delight in. They may well furthermore consider out a new makeup or hair model. Just do not go too overboard with paying out in the name of self care. That claimed, Lettman says “this is the day to treat and spoil them selves and just be carefree.”

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