How to call someone at Calafia Airlines?

The passengers can try to connect with the Calafia airlines telefono & get all the travel-related assistance from the airline representative. However, they can help you with your multiple travel-related queries. 

It’s an affordable Mexican airline that provides an unforgettable flying experience. It also offers flights to multiple destinations in Mexico at the cheapest fares. Moreover, the main objective of the airline is to provide great comfort while flying towards the desired destination.  

How can I connect with a Calafia Airlines live person?

You can dial 619 354 51 38 from Europe, followed by (33) 2451 0505 from Mexico. 

What are the other options to get in touch with Calafia Airlines in different ways?

If you wish to connect with the airline via other ways, then below are the steps:

Email: The first option to connect with the airline executive is by sending an email. Here, you can describe all your problems while booking a flight & the other problems. 

Whatsapp: Try WhatsApp if you wish to find a more convenient option through the Calafia airline representative.

Social Media: Now, you can also follow the airline on different social media platforms & get answers to your problems. 

So, these are among the best ways to Contact Calafia Airlines before boarding the flight. 

How to connect with the Calafia airline on Whatsapp?

If you like to get in touch with the airline through Whatsapp, then below are the steps:

  1. Access to the official website of the Calafia Airlines
  2. However, scroll down the homepage & down, you can find the official Whatsapp number as 3318285990. 
  3. Dial the same number & type your travel-related problems.

Why should I connect to the airlines?

There are several reasons why you need to connect to the Calafia airline:

  1. The passengers can get assistance to book the cheapest flights. 
  2. Details about the best & last-minute deals. 
  3. Guidance for the airline seat selection process. 
  4. Information about entry gates & check-in areas. 

However, dial the número de telefono Calafia airlines & get to know about other travel-related information. 

How can I share an email with the Calafia Airline?

If you want to send a mail to contact someone at the airline, then below are the steps:

  1. Get on the official website of Calafia Airlines.
  2. At the bottom of the homepage, you can find the official id as [email protected]
  3. Now, access your mail account & on the top, mention the same id. 
  4. Scroll down & provide all the information about your different issues. 
  5. At last, hit the send button. 

How to connect with the airline on different social media platforms?

There are different steps below to follow & connect with the airlines:

  1. You can find different social media options on the airline’s official website. 
  2. However these are Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. 
  3. Now, click on any one among them & get redirected to the official social media page of Calafia airlines. 

Contact anytime:

There isn’t any specific time to connect with the Calafia airline executive. However, you can dial the official number & speak to them 24×7. Moreover, you can inform them about your several queries & get the best assistance. 

On the other hand, they can also guide you through multiple processes while booking a flight. Apart from these, they can help you with the details about the airline’s frequent miles, inflight services & other facilities . 


So, you can go through the above information about the different ways to Contact Calafia Airlines.