How Do I Prepare Myself For Cosmetic Surgery?

While considering any cosmetic surgery for the aesthetics improvements, the candidate’s own efforts are needed the most. These efforts affect the success of any medical procedure. Therefore, it is advised people to work to prepare themself to be ideal for any cosmetic plastic surgery. If you are one of them and are seeking a guide on how to get ready for cosmetic surgery then this blog is for you.

Based on insights taken from Dr. Akangsha Sharma, senior plastic surgeon renowned for successful Cosmetic Surgery in Jaipur, this blog is going to share guidelines on how to prepare for a cosmetic surgery. Follow this post while getting ready to undergo any surgical procedure for aesthetics corrections.

An overview of the Procedure of Cosmetic Surgery

A cosmetic surgery is an invasive reconstructive treatment. This minimally invasive treatment addresses a variety of aesthetic deformities like crooked nose, sagging skin, abnormal size of breast, unwanted fat deposited to any body part, and many more.

Before undergoing any cosmetic surgery the candidate has to prepare for the treatment. For this, cosmetic surgeons suggest below mentioned instructions to follows:

  • Keep the skin of the treatment area clean and hygienic.
  • Avoid taking blood thinning medications.
  • Regulate blood sugar.
  • Take a high fibre diet.

In addition to above mentioned doctor prescribed guideline, one should need to:

  • Keep the body hydrated.
  • Avoid taking alcohol and drugs.
  • Say no to smoke.
  • Avoid taking stress.
  • Keep the realistic expectations from the treatment.
  • Keep the surgeon aware of medical history if any.
  • Trim or shave that body part at least a day before the cosmetic surgery.
  • Visit the doctor at scheduled time.

During the Treatment Day

  • After coming to the clinic, the doctor re-examines the candidate’s overall health. This examination session may last for 30-45 minutes.
  • During this session, blood pressure, individual’s weight, medical-history, expectations from the treatment will be evaluated. Based on the analysis, the ideal candidate shifts to the OT.
  • In the OT local or general anaesthesia is used to get the patient complete or specific body part numb. It helps patients to be comfortable during the procedure.
  • After that minimal incisions are made to perform the cosmetic surgery.
  • Once the procedure gets over the candidate will be shifted to the general/private ward where the candidate will stay until the anaesthesia has its impact on the body.
  • Thereafter, depending upon the cosmetic surgery and candidate’s response time one can take discharge from the clinic on the same or after one or two days from the clinic.


Looking attractive is the right of everyone. But due to physical deformities caused by birth or accident many are unable to avail this right. In today’s advanced era of medical science physical deformity is not static. One with the help of cosmetic plastic surgery like liposuction, mommy-makeover, breast-lift, gynecomastia surgery, and many other surgeries can correct the physical deformities. Cosmetic plastic surgery is an invasive procedure which results depends on the patient’s body type and the condition to be treated. Therefore, candidates are advised to keep realistic expectations from the treatment, get ready for the procedure by avoiding alcohol, poor diet, and stress and have faith in the doctor’s skill.

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