How Do I Fix A Broken Connection Between My Modem And The Internet?

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In recent times with an increased number of smart home devices, video-streaming services, and cloud gaming, users need to utilize an internet connection.

Suppose you are experiencing lag while you are playing League, or if you are facing issues while you are downloading music, then actual problems are from your end.

This means problems are not from your internet service provider. In this article, we are going to discuss some ways to fix the connection between my modem and the internet.

What Are Some Ways To Fix The Broken Internet Connection Between The Modem And The Internet  

If you are facing internet signal issues, then it is important to fix the WiFi issues. Actually, internet signal issues have multiple problems, such as signal coming from ISP, modem issues, WiFi connectivity around the home, and so on.

Below we are going to discuss several ways to fix the broken connection between the modem and the internet.

1) Try Another Website Or Other Device   

If you are facing networking issues or cannot connect to the internet, then you have to research the problems, which means this is happening to only one device or with all devices.

In this case, if your computer is facing problems, then you have to see that only your tablet is having problematic conditions, or other devices are also having the same problems. This means if the problem only happens to one device, then you can just safely get to know about that particular device.

On the other hand, if any specific website doesn’t get loaded, then you have to try other sites. If you visit other websites, then you will be getting to know that the website you are trying to visit is problematic. Not only that, you all have to know how the problems are to be fixed.

2) Check Your Net Package   

Another thing is about the internet speed, which means if it is slower than expected, then you have to head to a site like In this case, you can easily get to know about the internet speed rate.

Once you are done checking the internet speed, then you will get to know multiple megabits per second, which denotes the speed of your computer that you are experiencing in real time. From there, you have to head to the ISP’s website, and then you can check your bill.

Actually, if the number on your bill is as same as the test speed, then you are getting the correct speeds that you are paying for. In this case, if you are feeling slower, then you have to upgrade the internet speed faster.

3) Scan For Viruses   

Sometimes your internet connection can be affected by malicious code on your computer, such as Spyware, Malware, and viruses. Actually, these have a significant impact on your web-surfing speed and also on your entire system performance.

Every Windows comes with Windows Defender inbuilt, which can do the job nicely. Actually, there are plenty of free and paid opportunities also. No matter if you are using Mac, Windows, or iOS windows but you still have to invest in good anti-virus software.

4) Bypass Your Dns Server   

When you are typing a website into your browser, then you have to notice the IP address where you are using the domain name system server. Actually, sometimes these types of servers have several problems, which is why it is quite difficult to visit websites that have only user-friendly domain names.

In this case, you can easily fix the problems by flushing the DNS cache. Or else you can change the DNS server right away so that it impacts everything on the network.

5) Decode The Blinking Lights   

If you are unable to connect to the internet, then you have to take care of your router and modem. Actually, it might happen that the modem or router is powered down or unplugged.

You have to make sure that the power of the modem is switched on. In this case, if the lights are on, then you have to plug in your router, then you have to wait for the boot up also.

In case you are unable to see lights, then it means that the power adapter has failed, or it has a faulty power strip, or it can also happen that it is a fried router.

6) Get A Better Signal   

If you are using WiFi, then there are a lot of connection issues which means you have to face a lot of problems. In this case, you can do one thing, which is connect your computer directly to the router along with an ethernet cable.

On the other hand, you have to check the WiFi icon on your computer, and also you have to make sure how many bars you have. In this case, you may move the router to the central location in your house. Even if it won’t be possible, then you have to buy the WiFi extender.

In Conclusion  

We have discussed several ways of fixing the broken connectivity between the modem and the internet connection above in this article. Actually, losing the internet connection has several reasons.

It might be for device issues, or it might be for the modem technical glitches, and so on. Thus, scanning everything is a must. Or else you can call upon an expert and can resolve the problems in an easy manner.


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