How a Snake Bite and Self-Really like Inspired Dawn to Lose 100 Lbs

Snakes are usually seen as being something to be feared but for one woman, Dawn, a chance encounter with a snake bite proved to be a life-changing experience. Not only did it bring about physical change, but it inspired a journey toward mental and spiritual growth which ultimately resulted in Dawn losing a significant amount of weight.

Dawn was hiking in the woods near her home one day when a sudden startling movement made her jump back in shock. It was only a harmless garter snake that had crossed her path, however what happened next was truly remarkable. Somehow the snake managed to bite Dawn on her foot, leaving her with a fear of snakes that she never before experienced. This fear led her to reflect on her life and become aware of her physical and mental health.

Through this self-reflection, Dawn discovered that she had been neglecting her health, which was causing her to gain weight and it was time for a change. She committed to eating healthier and exercising regularly, and the results were incredible. In only six months, Dawn had dropped an impressive 100 pounds.

Having achieved her goal, Dawn has now turned her attention to embracing self-love and promoting a positive body image. Her journey has been an inspiration to many and a reminder of how far one can go when given the opportunity to assess their life and take action.

At the end of the day, it was the snake bite which – in a rather bizarre way -impacted Dawn’s life in the most positive way imaginable. The incident, combined with self-love, encouraged Dawn to make a real change in her life. For Dawn, a snake bite was the catalyst for improving her physical, mental and spiritual well-being, and for that she is forever grateful. [ad_1]

How a Snake Bite and Self-Love Motivated Dawn to Lose 100 Pounds

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