Hosting Art Exhibitions and Student Showcases: Highlighting the Talent of Your Students

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Let’s get real! Art exhibitions and student showcases are so much fun until it is about hosting them. It is not necessarily boring and tiring but can turn into a rewarding learning experience if the process is streamlined strategically.

Are you looking to host art exhibitions or showcases for your students? This article will guide you in making the process of hosting fun, interesting, and effective so that you do not stumble upon its challenges and problems.

Organizing art exhibitions and student showcases using traditional methods leads to a time-consuming workflow and kills productivity, giving you less time to focus on the actual creative process. Hence, it is highly essential that art instructors and organizers streamline the workflow so that there are no interruptions in the art exhibitions and students’ talents are showcased.

Hosting art exhibitions and showcases in schools requires loads of planning, organization, and implementation. It must be planned and executed strategically so that people who visit the art exhibition find it easy to understand the theme. Here are a few tips you should follow to avoid obstacles and ensure the smooth running of art exhibitions.


  • Plan ahead of time & Develop a theme

Every event organization requires thorough planning and ideation, including art exhibitions and student showcases. Planning the event ahead of time gives you a better understanding of the tasks and processes that need to be done. It ensures that you do not miss out on any task such as theme, decor, invites, scheduling, promotion, artwork, etc.

Decide an appropriate theme: A theme can help young artists explore their creativity. Discuss with your team and assign work to desired people. More hands, less workload! Make detailed documentation of each step in the process to keep track of the progress.

  • Optimize/streamline the workflow

If you are still thinking of using traditional methods and techniques of organizing an art exhibition and student showcases, you are definitely going on the slowest path. Thanks to technology, event organization has become less tiring and more exciting. Streamline the workflow of organizing the art exhibition with Picktime and never look back at the time-consuming and daunting methods.

Picktime is an event scheduling software designed to optimize the process without interrupting the workflow. It offers a wide range of features from online appointment booking to payment management and more. Efficiently manage the art exhibition without any delays and cancellations with Picktime. It provides a unique booking URL that can be used by artists and visitors to register for your art exhibition. The registrations database is easily accessible anytime, anywhere on Picktime’s website or application.

No more worries about managing your team. Picktime keeps you connected with your team and allows you to track the progress of each team member individually. If you are looking for payment management for artwork, Picktime is the right platform. It provides safe and secure payment options as it is integrated with 30+ applications that need no installations and makes your work easy.

An optimized work process keeps the students and visitors informed and excited about the art exhibition. It also can potentially improve productivity and help keep track of the progress. Streamline your workflow to never miss any updates on the art exhibition and student showcases.

  • Select and collect Art

Inform the students well in advance about the art exhibition and student showcases so that they keep their artwork ready for the event. Strategically select and collect the artwork that aligns with the theme and topic of the event to display it during the art exhibition. Select the most compelling art that is impressive and goes with the theme.

Art can be of any form such as photographs, sculptures, paintings, ceramics, etc. Don’t shy away from choosing a variety of artwork that fits the theme. A broader category of artwork is way better than just one category. Make sure you collect enough art pieces that occupy as much gallery space available at your school or location.

4. Set up the space

The most exciting part of organizing or hosting art exhibitions is setting up the artwork and the space. Frame and arrange the artwork strategically so that it is visually pleasing and makes sense according to the theme. A vital part of a successful art exhibition is its arrangement of art pieces. Set up the space in an aesthetically pleasing order to attract more people and showcase students’ talents.

5. Invite people

To make your art exhibition a hit show, make sure to invite people over to showcase students’ talents. Invite parents, artists, chief guests, etc., and make the art exhibition more lively. You can also invite local artists to present their artwork, give an insightful speech, or even present an award.

That’s about it! You are all set to host an exciting art exhibition. Get the party going!

Let’s look at some of the challenges faced by art exhibition hosts and how you can overcome them.

6. Challenges and solutions

Be it any event management and planning, challenges are bound to occur, either due to human errors or unexpected. Navigating these challenges with the presence of mind can avoid causing disruptions in art exhibitions. Funding and sponsorships are common problems art exhibitions face. It is crucial to manage the finances effectively and keep the sponsors happy by organizing a successful art exhibition and student showcases. 

Another challenge is to deal with unexpected issues that cause conflicts and confusion among the participants and organizers during the planning process. Overcoming these unexpected issues immediately is important for the smooth running of art exhibitions and student showcases.


When hosting art exhibitions and student showcases, one must ensure that the event is planned effectively and arrange alternatives to avoid last-minute problems that arise before, during, or after the event. It is crucial to streamline the workflow and adapt to the constantly changing world to ensure a successful art exhibition. Check out Picktime to save the most precious things of all time- TIME!