Hip Stretches for Dancers Anybody Can Profit From

There is no denying that dancers require an ample amount of flexibility and stability to remain at the top of their game. One of the keys to gaining and maintaining these abilities, are particular stretching exercises. Hip stretches are an essential component of every dancer’s routine and now anybody can profit from these exercises as well.

When performed correctly, hip stretches can bring about a greater sense of flexibility in the hips and surrounding muscles. As a result, the dancer will possess more control and suppleness when executing complex movements. With the use of props, such as a foam block, ankle weights, and balance boards, the dancer can stretch beyond their normal range of motion and reap far more substantial results.

Although generally safe, dancers are encouraged to increase the difficulty of their hip exercises gradually. Rushing through the process can lead to injury, meaning slow and steady is the way to go. To begin, dancers can perform simple hip flexor stretches such as the side kick or front lunge. While standing, these stretches can open the hips before progressing to seated stretches, or ones that involve the use of props or weights.

The dancer’s stretching routine can span from the warm-up stage, straight through to the cooldown post routine. Dynamic stretches such as leg swings and the knee pull, can help prime the body for a performance or rehearsal. On the other hand, deep hip stretches can be used to bring a session full circle as they promote rounder hips and better posture.

Given the lack of access to proper guidance, many dancers are hesitant to take on the task of stretching alone. Fortunately, countless workshops, tutorials, and online resources are available to simplify the process and the stretches are attainable for any dancer, regardless of skill level.

To conclude, hip exercises are an integral part of any dancer’s routine and now, with the use of the right props and guidance, these stretches can be of benefit to anyone. The results can include more freedom of movement and a reduced risk of injury for rehearsals, performances, and beyond. [ad_1]

“A whole lot of the hip stretches that I do include a ton of other things—you’re stretching your hip, but you happen to be also stretching your glutes or your quads,” suggests Rogan. This way, all the muscle mass teams that operate alongside one another to retain good hip mobility are acquiring launched at the very same time.

“I normally commence with like a runner’s lunge,” says Rogan. “You’re stretching your hips in opposition—front hip is flexed and you’re acquiring a extend on the underside of it, and then the again hip is extended, so you are finding into that hip flexor.”

For this one, Rogan arrives into a lunge position with her back leg straight and front leg bent at 90 levels. Then, with her palms on her front knee for aid, she carefully leans her upper entire body forward to deepen the stretch.

2. Quad stretch.

From her runner’s lunge, Rogan puts her back again knee on the ground and bends it, utilizing her hand on the same side to get for her foot and gently pull it towards her glute. “I can get even additional into the hip extend,” she suggests.

3. Fire log

Be warned, this deep hip opener can be extreme, to say the least. Having props close by like yoga blocks or throw pillows is a fantastic notion. For it, you will sit, as Rogan says, “crisscross applesauce” on the ground and then carry the foot of your prime leg onto the knee of your bottom one particular. The objective is to get your shins to be parallel and stacked on a single an additional (consequently the title).

“I like to insert a lateral aspect bend opposite from my top foot. You actually, actually come to feel it,” states Rogan. “It’s 1 of my other favorites.”

4. Determine four

From there, Rogan flows into another hip opener, but this time, lying on her back. “I pull the base leg in direction of my chest to deepen the stretch in my other hip,” she states.

5. Supine fireplace log

While she’s lying on her back, Rogan returns her legs to the very same posture as the fire log extend to give a tiny extra like to the exterior rotators on the outside of her hips. “If you obtain that exact same shape with your legs and pull your knees towards your upper body, it really is a genuinely, really fantastic hip opener,” suggests Rogan.

6. Pigeon pose

“I like to do pigeon pose again with like my chest all the way forward, a different deep hip opener,” claims Rogan. “And then I’ll do my my front splits on the two sides and in a straddle.”

7. Sumo squat

“I constantly end with a sumo squat,” claims Rogan. “That’s definitely 1 of my favorite hip stretches, just to reset all the things. You can actually see if your hip are even, which is massive for us as dancers, creating absolutely sure that we’re degree on both equally sides and anything is aligned.”

In all, performing these hip stretches will take Rogan about 10 minutes, which she claims is nicely worthy of the time: “I promise you, it feels great, and your overall body will genuinely, really thank you.”


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