He Was Perspiring Uncontrollably. Was It Male Menopause?

Recently, there has been discussion around the topic of male menopause. Even though “male menopause” is not a medically recognised term, the symptoms that men experience as they get older, such as fatigue, irritability, suffer from poor concentration, or lack of libido, are certainly real. One particular scenario where it could be argued that male menopause may have been at play is the case of Joe, a middle aged man who was perspiring uncontrollably.

Joe, who was always known for his laid back attitude in all matters of life had suddenly exhibited huge bouts of anxiety and sweat. This was a huge contrast to his regular behavior. Everyone close to Joe took notice of this change in behavior and started to wonder what was causing it. Joe himself was unaware of the change in his state.

At first, everyone thought that Joe’s anxiety could be attributed to some stressful event he was going through but, when the symptoms continued to persist, Joe’s family and friends started to suspect that Joe may be going through male menopause. The medical community has started to pay attention to conditions like male menopause, where certain hormonal changes due to ageing can cause a range of symptoms in people.

Although a definite diagnosis for Joe’s condition was not possible, based on the symptoms, it is easily possible to assume that he could have been suffering from something akin to male menopause. With declining levels of testosterone and other hormones as men age, it is quite possible for them to experience such symptoms as fatigue, irritability, poor concentration, night sweats, hot flushes and a lack of libido. Even though these symptoms are not exclusive to male menopause, they can be a pretty good indication.

Ultimately, Joe did seem to manage the symptoms by changing his diet and increasing exercise. However, it can be said that with the proper medical diagnosis and treatment options available, Joe could have avoided all the anxiety he had suffered. Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that it is not only possible for men to experience such changes in hormones. More and more research is being done in this area to find potential avenues for treatments as well as to weather male menopause is a real condition or not. [ad_1]

Chelmowski was commencing to be concerned that he was never ever likely to determine it out. Early 1 early morning, at his common spin course, he identified himself on a bike next to an previous pal, George Morris, who was a neurologist specializing in seizure conditions. Could these odd episodes be seizures? They weren’t like any seizures Chelmowski experienced ever read of, but who is aware? In the locker place, he approached Morris. “Have you at any time read of seizures characterised by profuse sweating?” he requested. He outlined the patient’s tale. Morris nodded his head as he listened. Indeed, he had numerous clients who sweated like this. Chelmowski need to ship the affected individual to his clinic to be tested.

A couple weeks later the patient went to the epilepsy heart at Aurora St. Luke’s Professional medical Heart, where Morris was professional medical director. A 20-moment electroencephalogram was ordinary. If these were being seizures, Morris explained to him, there was a very good prospect that they would clearly show up on the EEG only when he was getting a single. They arranged for the affected individual to return right before his upcoming predicted day of perspiring. It took about an hour for the electrodes to be put onto his head for the EEG. He could just about protect the full array with a baseball cap. He did not normally have on a single, but it was improved than going for walks all over with a head full of wires for all to see. Every single morning a technician would appear to his house to down load the details. He was meant to be hooked up for 7 days, but when no sweating episodes took place, they gave him an additional weekend. And last but not least, his extended-awaited working day of sweating occurred.

A pair of days later he got a connect with. These have been seizures. They originated on the remaining facet of his brain, just behind the ear, in what is identified as the temporal lobe. A seizure is an episode of irregular mind action, and the temporal lobe is in close communication with the autonomic anxious method, which can trigger perspiring. Days later on, he went back again to the middle to see Morris and get started medicines to halt the seizures. He questioned the health care provider why the episodes came every month. Morris just shook his head. Some seizures have this kind of rhythm. They can be any selection of days aside, but a 20-to-30-day cycle is the most common. No just one is guaranteed why. It took a though for the patient to get on the ideal medicines at the proper dose, but after on it, his seizures stopped. He has not had one in virtually 5 decades.

The affected individual does not know why he began getting seizures at age 58, while he wonders whether or not it’s linked to a vehicle accident he was in when he was 10 or 11. He was riding in the entrance seat in the days just before seatbelts and smashed his head on the steering wheel. Perhaps, Morris advised me. That form of personal injury can result in seizures numerous a long time later on. The hurt neurons trigger abnormalities in bordering brain cells, which may possibly, sooner or later, result in the abnormal action that outcomes in a seizure. But epilepsy, as recurring seizures are named, usually begins in late middle age. Morris characteristics it to cerebrovascular condition — what other people connect with ministrokes.

This affected individual is not acquiring it. He continue to traces it all back again to a head-on collision ensuing in a near encounter with a hard plastic steering wheel.

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