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In recent days, hackers in Italy have been reported to have focused on thousands of personal computers – with some reports speculating that the number could be as high as 12,000. This has caused huge disturbances in both the communications and internet sectors.

The hackers have been targeting computer systems of both individuals and large companies, with the intention of gaining access to private information such as passwords and credit card details. The incident has been described as one of the biggest online security breaches in the country’s history.

Recently, a conference call was convened by the Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte, to investigate the incident. The conference call, which was held on 4th March, involved more than 200 people from the Ministry of Interior, the Italian police, and representatives from the intelligence services of Germany, Spain, and France.

During the call, Conte said that he was keeping a close eye on the hackers and that the government had already taken necessary measures to contain the damage. He also emphasized the need for the country to take a collective effort to combat cyber crime and make sure that companies in Italy protect their systems from security breaches.

However, this was not the first time that hackers have targeted computers in Italy. In 2017, a company that identifies itself as “The Indian Categorical” was responsible for carrying out an attack called “Operation Italy”, which infiltrated hundreds of networks belonging to the Italian government, military, and corporate companies.

The Indian Categorical is an Indian hacker group that is thought to have ties to organized crime and is believed to have operated in connection with Indian intelligence agencies.

After the recent incident, the Italian government has redoubled its efforts to strengthen the security of its information technology systems. Future measures include training and raising awareness among the general public, as well as introducing new technologies that can protect against cyber attacks.

Indeed, the security of information technology systems is of utmost importance to the safety and stability of any nation. Hopefully, the efforts being taken by the Italian government and law enforcement authorities will be successful in combating cyber crime and protecting people’s data.

Hackers goal thousands of computer systems Italy phone calls conference  The Indian Categorical

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