Getting Specialized Diabetic Foot Care at Prolife Hospitals’ Clinic in Ludhiana, Punjab

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Diabetes often leads to foot complications including nerve damage, reduced circulation, deformities, and wounds that can worsen over time. Without proper care, diabetic foot problems can result in severe infections, amputations, and disability. Prolife Hospitals provides dedicated services for complete diabetic foot management at their specialty clinic in Ludhiana, Punjab.

Understanding Diabetic Foot Disease

Uncontrolled blood sugar levels in diabetes can cause peripheral neuropathy and vascular disease in the lower limbs. This nerve damage and reduced blood supply to the feet increases the risk of skin injuries going unnoticed leading to infected foot ulcers. Poor wound healing due to hyperglycemia further aggravates the ulcers.

Diabetic foot complications also include:

  • Calluses and corns from pressure areas
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Bacterial and fungal infections
  • Charcot foot with bone/joint damage
  • Gangrene and limb loss in severe cases

Timely care is key to avoiding progression and preserving mobility. Prolife Hospital’s multidisciplinary diabetic foot clinic offers comprehensive services.

Services Offered at Prolife Hospitals’ Diabetic Foot Clinic

The specialist services available at Prolife Hospitals’ diabetic foot clinic include:

  • Detailed foot examination to assess and classify risk level
  • Regular foot hygiene care like nail trimming and callus removal
  • Custom-fitted shoes and insoles for offloading pressure
  • Advanced wound management for non-healing ulcers
  • Treatments for associated neuropathy and poor circulation
  • Emergency infection care including antibiotics and surgery
  • Hospital-grade disinfection techniques to prevent cross-infection
  • Lower limb angioplasty or bypass surgery if required
  • Education on preventive foot care and diabetes control
  • Limb salvage procedures instead of amputation whenever possible

With comprehensive clinical services, advanced technologies, and an emphasis on prevention, Prolife Hospitals delivers complete foot care to safeguard diabetic patients.

Why Choose Prolife Hospitals for Diabetic Foot Care?

Here are some key reasons to seek specialized diabetic foot services at Prolife Hospitals Ludhiana:

  • A team of doctors trained in internal medicine, vascular surgery, orthopedics, podiatry, and wound care
  • Use of the latest techniques like negative pressure wound therapy and maggot debridement
  • Individualized treatment plans tailored to each patient
  • Incorporated telehealth services for remote monitoring
  • Aim to avoid amputation through innovative reconstruction surgery
  • Treatment of associated conditions like neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease
  • Onsite interdisciplinary collaboration between specialists
  • Patient education programs on self-care and prevention
  • Significantly lower costs than similar services in the West

With a dedicated diabetic limb salvage program, Prolife Hospitals provides comprehensive medical and surgical treatments to achieve optimal outcomes. Expert care in the early stages prevents thousands of avoidable amputations.

What to Expect at the Clinic?

During your first visit, the doctor will check your feet for any signs of nerve damage, ulcers, deformities, etc. You may undergo non-invasive vascular studies to assess circulation. Custom orthotic inserts may be ordered to offload pressure areas. Based on your case, appropriate management is planned.

At each follow-up visit, your feet are thoroughly examined and monitored. Any evolving conditions like pre-ulcers are immediately intervened upon to prevent deterioration. With a coordinated team effort and regular care, the risk of limb loss can be significantly minimized.

Don’t take your feet for granted. For specialized care for your diabetic feet, visit Prolife Hospitals’ clinic in Ludhiana, Punjab today. Keeping your feet healthy and free of wounds secures your mobility.