From Manali to Spiti: The Thrilling Hampta Pass Trek

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The Hampta Pass Trek, which passes across the Himalayas, connects the parched Spiti Valley with the green pitches of Manali in Himachal Pradesh. This  shifting trip has come well- known among nature suckers and adventure  contenders likewise for its breath- taking terrain, delicate terrain, and sense of accomplishment it provides to tampers. The walk, which covers 35 to 45 kilometres and is completed over the course of 5 to 6 days, is best done from June to September, when the  downfall is kindly harmonious.   

Day 1  Jobra to Manali 

 The Hampta Pass Trek begins in Manali, a fascinating hill  megacity famed for its  glamorous  décor and warm climate. The  trip’s morning point, Jobra, is close to Manali and is where tampers congregate. The hike starts out with a gradual ascent through pine and oak- filled  forestland. The Rani Nallah is followed by a trail that leads to the graphic chika hutment, which is encircled by soaring mountains on all sides. Climbers stay also for their first night to acclimate to the high altitude and take in the peace and quiet of the  bush.     

Day 2 Hika to Balu Ka Gera 

 Day two’s route takes Tampers to Balu Ka Gera, also pertaining to the “ bed of  sand. ” As tampers continue on their trip, the décor changes, and the lush  leafage begins to give way to rocky mountains. With each step, the splendour of the walk becomes  further and  further  obvious as the potent Dhauladhar range takes over the horizon. The enormous plain of Balu Ka Gera, which is encircled by redoubtable mountains, is the perfect position for camping. Climbers can spend the night esteeming the starry sky and the tranquillity of the Himalayas.    

Day 3  over Hampta Pass, from Balu Ka Gera to Shea Goru  

The  trip’s high point is the ascent to the Hampta Pass, which is located at an elevation of roughly 14,000 bases, on day three. The Spiti Valley and its stunning views of snow-limited peaks make the delicate trip worthwhile despite its rough terrain and steep ascents. Climbers are awarded with a sense of success and the chance to take breath- taking panoramic film land at the top of the pass. Also, the outlook changes formally as one begins the descent to Shea Goru, furnishing a regard of the untamed terrain for which Spiti Valley is  celebrated. At Shea Goru, tampers set up camp for the night.    

Day 4  Chhatru to Shea Goru 

 On day four, you ’ll continue to make your way down the dale toward Chhatru. Climbers may see the great  distinction between the alcohol of the Kullu Valley and the dehydration of the Spiti Valley as they travel along trails lined with boulders. Chhatru is a big community that acts as a rest station for tampers. It provides simple lodging and a chance to meet the locals, who are friendly and welcoming despite the delicate living conditions.    

Day 5  Return to Manali from Chhatru to Chandratal  

On the last day of the trip, tampers go in the direction of the graphic Chandratal Lake. They travel to the lake, known as the “ Moon Lake ” because of its crescent form, from Chhatru. Everyone is bedazzled by the lake’s natural beauty, which is girdled by snow- limited mountains. Also, tampers can relax and take in the décor for a while before setting off on their return trip to Manali, which will bring this memorable passage to a close.   


The Hampta Pass Trek offers further than simply an emphatic physical challenge; it also gives tampers a chance to interact directly with nature. The Himalayas ’ different and beautiful décor, which ranges from lush green dales to bleak mountains, serves as a constant  keepsake of this.  


The  trip does, still, bear some  adaptation to the high altitude and a moderate position of athleticism. Like any trip, it’s essential to be well set and accompanied by knowledgeable attendants who are acquainted with the  topography and  downfall patterns of the area.   

In summary

 The Hampta Pass Trek is an amazing excursion that enables  travellers  to go across two distinct worlds in a matter of days. Climbers come down from the hassle with lifelong  remembrances that are soul- shifting. So, if you ’re looking for a challenge and a flight into the Himalayas, the Hampta Pass Trek welcomes you with open arms and promises a formerly-  in-a-lifetime experience.