Foodstuff Monitoring Helped Ansar Drop 14 Stone

Recently, a British man made waves on social media as he celebrated a huge accomplishment in his weight loss journey. After years of struggling with his health and weight, Joe Ansar dropped fourteen stone in just two years. How did he do it? Every day monitoring of food intake.

Ansar tracked his food consumption using a fitness tracker and an app-based calorie counter, so he was able to monitor his progress and adjust accordingly. With each meal, Ansar logged what he had eaten, keeping his daily calorie intake steady. In addition to monitoring his calorie intake, Ansar also distributed his food intake throughout the day to help break down the nutrients.

He found that this technique helped keep him on track and motivated to continue his journey. He has even shared his success on social media, giving others inspiration to try his technique. According to Ansar, “it’s all about consistency, and having the right mindset.”

Along with monitoring his food and calorie intake, Ansar incorporated strength-training into his routine and began running. He mixed up his exercises and kept up with a regular routine. Ansar stated that “ staying consistent and motivated” was a huge part of his weight loss. He also learned to identify foods that wouldn’t fit into his plan as well as how to discipline himself to avoid temptation.

It’s clear that even with Ansar’s dedication and hard work, the key to his success was tracking his food consumption. He is a great example of how simple daily monitoring of diet can lead to success in weight loss. Ansar’s inspiring story is proof that anything is possible when the right steps are taken, and opens the door for inspiration and hope for those struggling with their own weight loss.

Food Tracking Helped Ansar Lose 14 Stone

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