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The Florida State Hospital is testing out a new approach to expecting mothers to delay their surgeries and delivery dates post-Covid. Federal News Network first reported on the innovative initiative, which is designed to keep expecting moms from encountering the virus on their visits to the hospital.

Maternity care providers at Florida State Hospital have determined that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is necessary to delay the surgeries of expecting mothers. The purpose of this measure is to ensure that they stay healthy during their pregnancies and reduce their exposure to the virus.

These potentially affected mothers have been notified of the delayed schedules of their surgeries and are requested to inform their healthcare provider of any significant changes to their health before their procedure.

The maternity care providers have also implemented safety protocols in order to keep the expecting mothers safe, such as temperature checks, strict visitor policies and availability of proper protective equipment. Other hospitals are beginning to adopt similar strategies, as they believe it is essential to protect the health of their patients during this unprecedented time.

This strategy is a great way to keep expectant moms safe and healthy, as it gives them extra time to avoid exposure to the virus. It is also a great way for hospitals to ensure the safety of those undergoing surgical procedures, as it reduces the risk of the virus being transmitted during surgeries.

Overall, Florida State Hospital’s strategy of delaying surgeries for expectant moms is a great one as it provides moms with extra time to explore safer alternatives and reduce their exposure to the virus. It shows just how innovative hospitals have become in a time where health care services need to be more conscious and careful of how they handle the virus.

Florida medical center using expectant moms, delaying surgeries  Federal News Community

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