Firestone Tyre: All You Required to Understand

Firestone Tyre: All You Required to Understand

The Firestone group, famed for being pioneers in the tyre manufacturing sector, was one of the first early-twentieth-century equipment suppliers to Ford Motor Company. As a part of the Bridgestone group, currently they provide unrivalled tyres that combine quality, performance, safety, and environmental considerations.

In 1903, Firestone began manufacturing its own tyres, which immediately became popular. It was a technological breakthrough when they eventually manufactured the first non-skid tyres.

It has consistently been at the top of technological innovation.  Most importantly, they have developed tyres that use cutting-edge technology to provide excellent wet traction and performance even as the tyres age. It is a well-known manufacturer of automobiles, vans, and 4×4 tyres.

Why choose Firestone Tyres?

Their tyres manufacture products of excellent quality at competitive rates. Because it has been around for a while, they are aware of what their clients need and have the expertise to make durable products. 

You’re sure to find something that works for you at Firestone, as they provide a variety of solutions for almost any type of vehicle. Despite their well-known name, they make an effort to keep their pricing low so that customers can save money.

Tyre Categories at Firestone

Tyres from Firestone called “Destination” are Michelin’s response to its Defender tyre range. They provide exceptional versatility on all types of roads, from gleaming urban motorways to bumpy, muddy, and dirt ones.


If you’re looking for a budget tyre, the WeatherGrip is one of the best all-season car tyres on the market since it is ideally optimised for complete control on any road or in any weather condition.

If you compare its Weather Grip to Michelin Defender or CrossClimate, it’s a strong challenger, much like the Destination.


Designed for sports cars, the Firehawk provides the best traction, braking, and speed on both dry and wet pavement. The  Firehawk Indy 500 vs. Michelin Pilot Sport 4s is a useful contrast for this range. Both provide excellent performance, but the Indy costs less.


It Provides All-season tyres,  fantastic and dependable tyre from spring to winter, living up to its name. It offers a balanced level of ability on dry, wet, and snowy roads.


The Firestone Transforce is an absolute necessity if you wish to drive your light truck off-road. It offers responsive handling while carrying huge loads on both dry and wet roads.


These winter tyres provide exceptional traction on the iciest, snowiest routes while maintaining comfort.

PROs and CONs of Firestone Tyres


  • For drivers seeking for reasonably priced yet dependable tyres, their tyres are an excellent option because of their lower price.
  • Widely accessible throughout
  • Nearly all tyres are excellent in every weather



  • Not as premium as other brands.


Technologies Used in the Production of Tyres


Unidirectional tyres

For many years, traditional cars have employed directional tyres, which do not require mounting in a specific direction. For many different reasons, this has proven inconvenient. 

Their tyres like the unidirectional tread patterns because they are easier to use and considerably more accommodating for tyre performance. It can only be mounted in one direction; it won’t function in any other way. One of its main advantages is that it resists hydroplaning.

The zigzag sipe 

One of the most practical and well-liked tread patterns for winter tyres. Particularly in the winter tyre model Blizzak, the zigzag sipes are visible. 

These sipes are intended to improve the performance of the tyres on snow-covered roads. On snowy roads, tyres with zigzag sipes provide better traction.

The dual-layer tread technology

It is a special feature of their tyres that sets them apart from the competition. This was created to lessen the danger posed by tyres that have lost some of their tread. Dual-layer tread tyres have two different types of rubber in their treads. The outside layer is one, and the inner layer, which can grip more effectively, emerges as the outer layer starts to wear off. 

This is why they are easy to handle and perform well on wet roads. Additionally, since it stops the noise from getting worse and the tread from wearing down, tyre noise is also under control. EPC is a unique component of the tread rubber utilised in these tyres.

Use of EPC as a tread compound

Researchers have discovered that the cutting-edge EPC tread compound is a good remedy for the rapidly deteriorating wet surface performance of tyres. The frequent friction that the tyres experience causes it to start to harden quickly and lose its ability to handle wet surfaces. The only substance that may combat this situation of rubber hardening is EPC. Instead, employing this improves the performance of the Tyres Wem in wet conditions.

Use of multicell tread

This wonderful technology reduces the likelihood of slipping and sliding on wet surfaces. It is true because its tread removes the tiny layer of water from the tyre surface and renders driving on wet terrain safe.


Because it has 115 years of experience, not just a few years, you can be confident that they are professionals in their field and can provide you with the highest-quality car  tyres for your vehicles.

One of the most important characteristics is their capacity to adapt and develop with the market. This means they’ve been able to deliver high-quality items that their customers love while still keeping up with the latest trends and technology developments.