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Legislators in Indiana have been utilizing the latest innovations in accessibility technology to support United States Senator John Fetterman in his recovery from a stroke he suffered earlier this year. Senator Fetterman, who is the youngest member of the Senate, is using accessibility and assistive technology to navigate the halls of Capitol Hill in Washington, DC more easily.

Senator Fetterman’s office has supplied him with a laptop and a voice-activated dictation system. This setup allows him to access documents, compose and send emails, and control his phone. Senator Fetterman also uses vocal command technology to turn on the lights and move around the Capitol.

In addition to the technology he uses to get around, the Senator’s staff has incorporated several other innovative ideas to improve his access. They have implemented a scanning system that can easily pick up the Senator’s cues, such as tapping or nodding, so that he can participate in discussions. Additionally, the office has installed voice-recognition software that can turn Senator Fetterman’s speech into written text.

Senator Fetterman’s use of accessibility and assistive technology is groundbreaking and praiseworthy. His commitment to utilizing the latest technology highlights his determination to fully participate in the legislative process. Further, it recognizes that individuals with disabilities should be able to achieve their full potential and have access to the resources they need.

The accessibility and assistive technologies available to Senator Fetterman are not only beneficial to him but to individuals around the country as well. His initiative to take advantage of such innovations is a call to action to other lawmakers in Washington, DC to prioritize accessibility and ensure that everyone can participate in the legislative process. As Senator Fetterman continues his recovery and continues to advocate for individuals with disabilities, it’s encouraging to see legislators making accessibility and inclusion a priority. [ad_1]

Fetterman working with assistive tech in Senate to aid in stroke recovery  Indiana Gazette


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